Jane Fonda, Traitor Then, Traitor Now

Jane Fonda hugging her friend and fellow traitor Jodie Evans.

Jane Fonda hugging her friend and fellow traitor Jodie Evans.

Associated Press covered our protest outside Jane Fonda’s play on Saturday in New York City.  In their article they quote me as stating that Jane Fonda is a traitor.  That is all true.  But they don’t tell you the rest of the story.

One of the central points of the counter arguments the Jane Fonda fans tried to make was that she apologized for her actions and they happened so far in the past that we should give it up.  Unfortunately, that is not so.  The inconvenient truth is that:

  1. Jane Fonda never apologized for getting on Hanoi radio and broadcasting that all American servicemen are ‘War Criminals’.  She actively continued to work with groups and individuals that continued to spread that libel for years afterwards.
  2. Jane Fonda actively supports her friends like Jodie Evans and groups like Code Pink which call our current Iraq and Afghanistan veterans War Criminals and Baby Killers.
  3. Some of those groups actively support the enemy. Code Pink, in particular, raised $600,000 dollars which they gave to the terrorists fighting our troops in Fallujah, Iraq, while at the same time those terrorists were torturing and murdering innocent civilians and fighting our military.  $600,000 buys a lot of ammunition.

Jane Fonda remains a traitor, now and forever, to two generations of American Veterans.

Dan Maloney

NY State Coordinator, Gathering of Eagles

  1. catskillconservative

    Right on, Dan.

    As far as the “forgive and forget” crowd goes, those miserable shreds of human debris were the same kind of lowlifes who spit on me and my compadres as we left the gates of Travis AFB when we finally got back to the States.

    I have nothing but contempt for those types and other Hanoi Jane worshippers.

    Perhaps they would be useful to humanity clearing minefields in Bosnia.

    I’ll even help subsidize a one-way ticket over there.

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    […] group of intrepid conservative protested outside a fund raiser for Jerry Brown at the home of Jodie Evans, another Code Pinko.  Using the lefties own tactics of protesting outside private residences, […]

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