AAR – Hanoi Jane in NYC


Eagles from all over the tri-state area, Vietnam Veterans and Patriots, gathered today outside the Eugene O’Neill Theater to express our LOVE and AFFECTION for America’s Most Famous Traitor, Jane Fonda.  Our arrival caught the theater by surprise and we quickly established ourselves directly across the street where our less than flattering chants could not help but be heard by anyone outside the theater and in the backstage dressing rooms.

Jim from Connecticut was the star of the chorus line for the matinee performance.  His ongoing narrative of Jane Fonda’s lies and treachery irked quite a few of the ticketholders.  We were given numerous “Democrat IQ finger salutes” and one woman went so far as to flash her butt at us (thankfully it was clothed).  One Brit looked like he was actually going to come across the street and start trouble, but he was dragged away by his wife (reminiscent of the same thing happening in DC in September of 2007).  Oddly he wasn’t even a ticket holder, just a passerby.  Many of the ticket holders were hard core lefties.  I was surprised at how many chose to argue with us, some quite vehemently.  Either that is the type that Hanoi Jane attracts or that is what is invited to her preview performances.

This repartee continued until they let the now highly agitated moonbats into the theater, but was replayed at the intermission and again as the play ended and people were leaving.  Barbara Walters and some of the ladies from “The View” didn’t like that we singled them out for ridicule as they were leaving, although they didn’t say anything they keep looking back over their shoulders.

Numerous people stopped by to express their support.  A theater worker from another theater was with us for much of the lead-in to the first performance.  A Blue Star Mom and her friends stopped by between performances.  A 10th Mountain Division Iraq War Veteran crossed the street right in front of us and shouted out his support in front of the whole ticket line as he walked by with his girlfriend.

Eric and David took over the verbal jousting for the evening oerformance.  We were much fewer in numbers and the sunset had dropped the temperature considerably, but we still managed to agitate the ticketholders, particularly Roger Ebert the film critic.  The theater management did their best to avoid the worst excesses of the afternoon and let the ticketholders into the lobby early to keep the confrontations to a minimum.

One woman, who emigrated from Russia some years ago came across the street to talk.  During our conversation it emerged that her son was a Marine who had served two tours in Iraq.  I thanked her for her son’s service and explained to her our opposition to Jane Fonda.  I told her about Fonda’s support of Code Pink who had raised $600,000 for the terrorists in Fallujah who were trying to kill her son.  She had never heard about that.

Later I noticed that she was standing outside the theater when most everyone else had entered.  She looked sad and confused.  I was distracted by a conversation with a moonbat and never saw whether she went in.

During the course of the day I received two challenge coins in thanks for our being there to stand up for our troops.

A few pictures from after the first show are here.

I will post a link to more pictures and video as they become availabe.

New York Daily News story is here.

Associated Press Story here.

Jim’s Free Republic Report is here.

Video is here!


  1. catskillconservative

    Go gettem, patriots.

    Right on everyone.

    I wish I were there.

    All the best,

    Al Czervic


    […] our Hanoi Jane protest. We have a report with photos and video on our website. Here is the link: https://nygoe.wordpress.com/2009/02/21/aar-hanoi-jane-in-nyc/ Warning, videos contain exuberant language! 🙂 Dan Maloney NY State Coordinator Gathering of […]

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