Homecoming NY 1179th Transportation Company

Today the NY 1179th Transportation Company was scheduled to come home to Fort Totten in Queens, NY. A reception was scheduled for 3:30pm at the Ernie Pyle U.S. Army Reserve Center.  (For more information on Ernie Pyle click here.)

The Ernie Pyle Reserve Center, Ft. Totten, Queens, NY

The Ernie Pyle Reserve Center, Ft. Totten, Queens, NY

The Patriot Guard Riders of Regions 8 & 9 were invited to man a flag line at the entrance to the reserve center when the troops arrived. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas!

Shortly before we arrived the decision had been made to call off the reception because the planes carrying the troops had been diverted or delayed

As we walked up to the building we observed trays of food being carried out in the other direction. After some inquiries we were told of the cancellation. We still managed to thank at least two soldiers who had come in on earlier flights and who hadn’t left for home yet.

Jim and myself of NY PGR Region 9 were accompanied by my nephew, Greg, of NY PGR Region 1.

As we were loading the flags back into the truck, Major Tom Sullivan arrived. Tom is a friend of mine and was the commanding officer of the 1179th during its last Iraq deployment. We had the sad duty to inform him of the cancellation and had some good laughs about the fate of the 1179th to always return home in stormy weather! The last homecoming took place in what can only be described as a monsoon in 2007.

Here’s a flashback to what that was like for us outside waiting for the buses to arrive!

Welcoming the 1179th in April 2007

Welcoming the 1179th in April 2007

On a very positive note, the unit is returning from this deployment with zero casualties! A testimonial to the improved security conditions in Iraq!

A few more pictures of todays mission are here.


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