Thanksgiving Report from Syracuse

We have reported on the Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room at Syracuse Airport before.  Today we have a report from Thanksgiving when they were swamped with military travelers:

Also, the Military Courtesy room at Syracuse Airport was overwhelmed on Thanksgiving with many stranded military personnel – including a Marine Full-colonel who I understand was very impressed with what the Emerald City Detachment has done with only a few members.  They served a full home-cooked turkey dinner  to vets stranded at the airport.  They did it at the last minute, but yet everyone got a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  Those guys are good!  My hat goes off to Loren Davies Commandant of Emerald City and his devoted members who staff that room 24 x 7 !!!  You can probably guess where I am going with this . . . Christmas is not far off and once again military folks will be on the move for the holidays.  Depending on the weather, they could be faced with a similar situation.  So if you know anyone who wants to donate , cookies, pies, baked goods or any food to the courtesy room, I can assure you it will not go to waste.  Let me know and we can meet up and load a vehicle with food and bring it to the airport.  They are expecting to be overwhelmed with traveling military folks during the Christmas season.

Those folks up there are doing a hell of a job!

If you are looking for a worthy cause to donate a few dollars to this year here is their link.


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