Can You Hear Them Whining?

The far left anti-war groups that we have faced off against time after time are now belatedly realizing that they were fools tools of the Obama campaign. What we need more of are these:


It is pitiful to listen to self deluded maroons complain that they were misled.

From the LA Times:

Activists note that most of the candidates for top security posts voted for the 2002 resolution authorizing President Bush to invade Iraq or otherwise supported launching the war.

Antiwar groups and other liberal activists are increasingly concerned at signs that Barack Obama’s national security team will be dominated by appointees who favored the Iraq invasion and hold hawkish views on other important foreign policy issues…

“Obama ran his campaign around the idea the war was not legitimate, but it sends a very different message when you bring in people who supported the war from the beginning,” said Kelly Dougherty, executive director of the 54-chapter Iraq Misfits Veterans Against the War…

“So, in the short term, we’re going to be disappointed,” Kevin Martin, executive director of the group Peace through Submission Action said. “They may turn out to be all pro-war, or at least people who were pro-war in the beginning.”

Read the whole thing here.

More Snarky Comments at JammieWearingFool.

Pajamas Media looks at the subject here.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.


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