Where are the Times Square Bombers? Maybe Bill Ayers would know…

French authorities arrested two anarchists and eight of their democracy hating buddies for their sabotage of the French high speed TGV train network, but two of them appear to have ties to the Times Square Recruiting Station Bombing which took place in March. Julien Coupat and his girlfriend Yldune were in New York attending anarchist meetings before the bombing and were stopped in January while trying to enter Canada illegally while carrying anarchist literature and photos of the recruiting station.

The FBI connected the dots and informed French anti-terrorist police who kept the couple under observation and arrested them after they and their cohorts sabotaged the trains.

Since they left New York before the actual bombing there is still at least one bomber on the loose who has not been identified or arrested.

It may be time for the media flunkies to start asking Bill Ayers some tough questions.

We reported on the terrorist attack here.

Hat Tip: Urban Infidel and JammieWearingFool


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