When Lunatics Run the Asylum

Code Pink came to Times Square yesterday to gloat over the election of their ‘messiah’.

They brought bundles of fake “New York Times” to hand out to passersby.  I really think that was overkill, after all, the real times is equally filled with propaganda and has about as little truth.

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade was drawn by so many ‘nuts’ in one spot.

Here is the video:

Read the whole thing and view more pictures at the VSB.


  1. 1 This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here » Blog Archive » Stupid moonbat pranks (and the dolts who fall for them)

    […] about the “Yes Men”, you’re probably wondering to what she referred. Our buddy, DanNY wrote about it a few days ago. Well, these goofballs “Yes Men” printed a fake New York Times (odd, but […]

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