And So It Begins – Russia to deploy Missiles in Baltic Area

MOSCOW — President Dmitry Medvedev says Russia will deploy missiles in its Baltic Sea territory in response to U.S. missile defense plans.

Medvedev says the short-range Iskander missiles will be deployed to the Kaliningrad region which borders NATO members Poland and Lithuania. He has not said how many missiles will be deployed or whether they will be fitted with nuclear warheads.

He said in a state-of-the-nation speech Wednesday that Russia will also deploy equipment to conduct to electronically hamper the operation of prospective U.S. missile defense facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Read the whole thing here.

The pressure is now on as to whether we will stand by or abandon our allies in the former Soviet satellites.

This follows Russian naval and air force deployments in the Caribbean in support of Venezuelan Presidente Hugo Chavez last month.

Russia previously denied plans to station nuclear bombers in Cuba.

Here is background information on the Iskander Missile System.

And a more modern analysis of the improved Iskander.


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