Democrat But No Defender of Democracy

The nation of Georgia has been a staunch ally of the United States in the Global War on Terror. Until August they had over 2,000 men fighting alongside our troops helping to bring peace and freedom to Iraq.  In August their nation was brutally invaded by Russia.

At the time the first person to speak out vocally in support of the Georgian nation was John McCain.  The Democrat opponent, Barack Obama, hemmed and hawed and finally said the equivalent of Me Too!

Today we find out what another Democrat icon thinks of defending a war ally when that ally is under assault.

The Georgia portion takes place at 3:15 into the tape with the following exchange:

Nadler – “I think Iran and Israel are a lot more important than expanding NATO to Russia’s borders.  Why should we?  What do we need it for?

Unidentified Voice – “Because they invaded Georgia

Nadler – “So let ’em invade Georgia.  It’s right next to them.  Would we tolerate a foreign-a Russian army in Mexico?  Which is more important to us Georgia or Israel, frankly?

Another Voice – “What is more important to us Czechoslavakia or Austria?

Nadler – “That’s a completely different kind of question

But it’s not a different kind of question really, the question goes to the point of whether modern democrat politicians believe in democracy and are willing to defend or stand up for democracy when the chips are down.  The resounding answer is NOIf they do not believe in democracy and allies, and are not willing to defend it and them here and around the world, why should we elect them to any office higher than dog catcher?

Hat Tip to the Weekly Standard.

Kudos to Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.  Please read all the other things she ferreted out from Nadler’s appearance in Florida.  Things such as:

Even Democrats Agree:  Barack Obama has NO Courage!

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