Ohio Democrats attack Iraq Marine Vet for Serving His Country

Another disgusting attack on an Iraq veteran by the politicians of the party of surrender. Josh Mandel is a United States Marine. He is also an Ohio State Representative. When he was called to return to Iraq for a second tour at the midpoint of his term in office he responded to the call, as any Marine would. He served honorably there for six months before he was able to return to his district and resume his responsibilities as a legislator.

Now, his Democrat opponent, Bob Belovich, is attacking him with a whispering campaign that Josh Mandel “put his personal ambitions ahead of his constituents” and “went AWOL” on them.

Newsflash to Mr. Belovich:

Serving your country at time of war IS serving your constituents!

Teach Mr. Belovich a lesson about patriotism, visit Josh Mandel’s website and make a donation today!

This Marine can use our help!

Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit

More background here.


  1. nyceagled

    Good call , Dan!

    I heard about this yesterday and it made my blood boil.

    The ugliness of Belovich is a microcosm of the dirty tactics used against Vet’s running for office across the US.

    In fact, this story reminded me of the the recent campaign sign defacement that occured outside of NY congressional candidate and Iraq Vet, Lee Zeldin’s headquarters.

    Keep up the fight!

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