Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Here’s today’s find the IVAW coward puzzle.  Somewhere in the crowd today supporting Barack Obama in Widner, Pennsylvania, is an IVAW puke, Geoffrey Millard.  John Lilyea at This Ain’t Hell spotted the slimeball and posted about it here.

Millard has made many vile statements such as:

“US soldiers are put into a situation where they are forced to brutalise, forced to racialise, forced to sexualise everyone in order to dominate and control a people.”

“The real Iraqis getting bombed are the poor. It’s the poor in Iraq who make up the resistance, just like anywhere, because the rich are still going to get their’s, whatever.”

“[Hugo] Chavez made references to Noam Chomsky [in his WSF address]. I found a politican who can read! Unlike our president – I wonder if he is a functional illiterate. The man almost died eating a pretzel.”

“I fought in an unjust an illegal war that has left me very much a different person, because I took an oath to that document [Constitution].”

“This is an illegal and immoral war. We invaded a country that never attacked the US. It violates the UN charter.”

“The media say we are rebuilding schools, instead of building them. We’re rebuilding them because we bombed them. We bombed schools with children inside…. We bombed hospitals with patients in them.”

Perhaps this is where Obama got his quote about “air raiding villages and killing people”.

Is it any surprise that they both like Hugo Chavez?

For more on Millard go here.


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