Terrorist Hoaxer Caught in New Jersey

Charge Vernon NJ Moron Man in Threats near Tunnel

A Vernon man has been charged in connection with recent incidents in which suspicious objects were discovered fastened to the divider on Route 495 in North Hudson, prompting a bomb squad response and traffic delays near the Lincoln Tunnel, officials said.

Lawrence Fellilppello, 39, was arrested Monday by Port Authority police and charged with making a terroristic threat, and police are searching for a second New Jersey man, Port Authority spokesman Pasquale DiFulco said yesterday.

As a threat spoof, the men glued several plastic bottles to the median on the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel on several occasions, most recently on Friday, DiFulco said.

Last Thursday, just before noon, a bottle was found fixed to the median on Route 495 at Central Avenue in Union City, and a second was found at 1 p.m. on Route 495 at the Kennedy Boulevard Interchange in North Bergen, officials said.

Responding officers had to divert traffic as bomb technicians examined what turned out be harmless, liquid-filled objects, officials said.

Port Authority police had put out information concerning the type of device recovered and another police agency realized they had made a motor vehicle stop some time ago where they had seen similar items in a vehicle, Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said.

That connection led to the identification of Fellilppello, DeFazio said. The other man is still being sought, he said.

As reported in the Jersey Journal.

As punishment I suggest chaining these two cretins to the median naked for several days.


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