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Did Barack Obama Approve this message?

After waging a war against America in preventing Sarah Palin from speaking at the UN rally against Iranian President Ahmadinejad, some of Barack Obama’s terrorist loving supporters got to meet privately with the Iranian Hitler wannabe in New York on Wednesday night.

Jodie Evans, founding member of the neo-commie group Code Pink.  Donater to terrorists fighting American forces in Iraq.  Campaign cash bundler for Barack Obama.  Co-host for Obama’s first major fund raiser in Hollywood.

Medea Benjamin, Brian Becker, Leslie Cagan, Larry Holmes and Ramsey Clark, communists all, also attended the meeting.  The only major player who wasn’t present was George Soros himself.

Iran has been a supplier of advanced armor piercing mines and IEDs which have been killing our troops in Iraq.  They are the primary supporter of terrorist groups in the world.  They have continued a path of nuclear weapons development undeterred by years of negotiation with European nations.

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Hat Tip: Melanie Morgan