Keep These Bozos away from our Wounded Warriors!

This has got to be the most unbelievable week of obtuse insults dealt out to wounded veterans by people running for the highest offices in the land.

First, Joe Biden tells a wheelchair bound disabled veteran to “Stand Up” at a campaign rally. The veteran is Missouri State Senator Chuck Graham. Video here.

Then the Obama campaign releases an ad which slams U.S. Senator John McCain as an old geezer who “can’t “send an email”. This, even though media reports from eight years ago addressed the subject that Sen. McCain’s injuries, from years of torture and beatings at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors, prevent him from using a keyboard. Video here.

For two people who have never served in the armed forces in defense of their nation they have a nerve to disrespect those who have.

Keep these Bozos away from our wounded warriors!

Read More Here:

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Obama Slams McCain On War Injuries in New TV Ad


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