Russian Warships to stage Carribean War Games

With American-Russian relations declining to the point of Cold War-era posturing, Moscow is sending warships to the Caribbean.

If the scheduled joint exercises with the Venezuelan navy take place, the maneuver would be one of Russia’s most provocative exercises in the Western Hemisphere since the Soviet Union supported Marxist guerrillas in Nicaragua and El Salvador — and could entangle the Kremlin in the Monroe Doctrine, which holds that the Europeans should keep out of the American hemisphere.

The chief of Venezuela’s naval intelligence, Admiral Salbatore Cammarata Bastidas, said in a statement that Russian warships, along with 1,000 Russian soldiers, are headed to Caracas in November for a series of military exercises.

President Hugo Chavez taunted the United States with the statement: “Go ahead and squeal, Yankees.”

Read the whole thing here.


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