AAR Dutchess County 8/30/2008

Although the Dutchess COunty weekly Troop Support Rally is the youngest of our weekly scheduled moonbat encounters, it is unique in that one of the opposition organizers is a celebrity, the folk singer and admitted communist Pete Seeger. Pete has gotten on in years and is not at the protest every week any more so it is hit or miss to catch him there.

Today was one of those days. We arrived early and had already gotten the first acclamations from passing cars (before we had even unloaded our vehicle) when two people walked up to us to ask where Pete Seeger was holding his vigil. They were told by Dennis that the anti-troop vigil would be across the street, that we were certainly NOT with that group, that we were the pro-troop pro-America group.

It turns out that they were part of a four person film crew from Holland HBO (?) filming a documentary on Pete Seeger. That ensured that Pete would have a big turnout today, probably shipping people in from out of town to boost his numbers.  This has happened in the past and is a problem unique to Poughkeepsie, but the Dutchess crew likes nothing more than a challenge.  Well the well-scripted moonbat coreography was to bear no fruit today.

We proceeded to lay out our combined flag sets across the breadth of the corner.  We had nearly forty flags set out on the corner.  The passersby were, as usual, outstandingly responsive to our message.  This despite the fact that NO Honk for Victory signs are displayed.  Last week the police had come by to reassert their request that no such signs be used and quickly determined that our side was in full compliance with their earlier request.  The moonbats, however, continue every week to violate that request, but to no avail.  The public response is well over 90% in favor of the pro-troops side of the street.  Namely, GOE!  One man, in particular, stopped his pickup truck directly in front of the moonbats, opened his door and stepped out on the running board while honking his horn, giving us the thumbs up and then turning around and giving the moonbats the one fingered salute.

The moonbat turnout was a little higher than usual but not like the days when they bused people in from Albany to boost their numbers.  It being a holiday weekend probably had something to do with that.

First let’s do a little rundown of some of the regular moonbats:

  • Pete Seeger, avowed communist, personable old folk singer, darling of the left.
  • Mr. Bubble Man prances around their corner with a bottle of bubble mix most of the day raining streams of bubbles to connect himself with the peaceful universe!  Good luck on that!
  • Ms. Cockatoo who parades around their corner with two of the birds perched upon her shoulders.  If we could all just learn to get along with the Cockatoos the world would be saved…  Also known as Miss Birdbrain she hasn’t had an original thought since the 60’s.
  • Mr. Commie label, an organizer for SEIU was there doing a job real Americans won’t do.
  • Madame duBarge, wearing her signature ruffled pink skirt and hat, but with an orange sweater/top that would certainly earn her a place on Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed list.

About an hour into the event, Steve and Barbara decided to go on the offensive and take over the traffic island directly across from the GOE position and across the smaller side road from the moonbat location.  I decided to join them there to more directly comment on the moonbat derangement syndrome taking place across the street.

Earlier than usual the moonbats formed their Kumbaya Circle in front of their long green, white, red and blue Peace banner.  When the guitars and camera tripods came out it became obvious that this was the moment for their video recording for the Dutch station.

We took this opportunity to make an impression on whoever viewed that tape in the future by loudly pointing out the hypocricy of their supposedly being for Peace when they have not one sign condemning Russia for their aggression in Georgia!  Not one sign protesting the genocide and ethnic cleansing the Russians are perpetrating.  We made sure these points were clearly audible during the videotaping of each of the songs they did.

This drove the moonbats absolutely wild.  We were verbally berated by Mr. Commie Label, we were approached by another moonbat who crossed the street and tried to make some inane argument that we were interfering with their freedom of speech.  Then Mr. Bubbles came over with a video camera and tried sticking it in our faces while calling us Nazis, fascists and babykillers.  We pointed out to him that the Nazis were socialists just like him and that we didn’t care for Nazis or Commies.  Ms. Cockatoo took up the babykiller argument but then just settled on flipping us the other ‘bird’.

Pete Seeger, to whom many of these questions were addressed, said nothing in response, choosing to abandon the ground after their Kumbaya session.

It was a great day to bait moonbats and a great day to hang with the Dutchess County Patriots!

My pictures are here.

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