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Although the Dutchess COunty weekly Troop Support Rally is the youngest of our weekly scheduled moonbat encounters, it is unique in that one of the opposition organizers is a celebrity, the folk singer and admitted communist Pete Seeger. Pete has gotten on in years and is not at the protest every week any more so it is hit or miss to catch him there.

Today was one of those days. We arrived early and had already gotten the first acclamations from passing cars (before we had even unloaded our vehicle) when two people walked up to us to ask where Pete Seeger was holding his vigil. They were told by Dennis that the anti-troop vigil would be across the street, that we were certainly NOT with that group, that we were the pro-troop pro-America group.

It turns out that they were part of a four person film crew from Holland HBO (?) filming a documentary on Pete Seeger. That ensured that Pete would have a big turnout today, probably shipping people in from out of town to boost his numbers.  This has happened in the past and is a problem unique to Poughkeepsie, but the Dutchess crew likes nothing more than a challenge.  Well the well-scripted moonbat coreography was to bear no fruit today. Continue Reading »