When Oil Drilling becomes a matter of National Security

For years we have lived in the fantasy world that our actions regarding energy production here at home were merely an environmental issue. 911 should have woken us up and paved the way for a realization that we were seriously undermining our national security and that of our allies by allowing the circumstance where oil producing nations could extort tremendous profits by manipulating supply. Those profits, in turn, could be used to fund terrorism and rebuild militaries run down through years of neglect. Worse, the producing nations could use energy as a weapon to beat their opposition into submission without firing a shot.

This is the background that has led to the current situation with the Russian aggression against Georgia, the threats made against other former Soviet client states, and the mocking of Europe’s attempts to resolve the current crisis. Russia holds the jugular of energy supply to those nations and shows no reluctance to use it to achieve their ends regardless of world sentiment. The Russian arrogance is born of the windfall profits they are reaping from their energy production due to the extraordinary increase in price that has roiled the world these past few years.

The way to control that ambition (and decrease the Arab surplus that flows to terrorism) is to create more supply to force market prices downward. Just the announcement of such an effort will have an immediate effect on world prices. We have that in our power to do. Today. Right Now. Most Americans realize that and support the expansion of domestic energy production and domestic refining capacity. The President finally revoked the presidential ban on off-shore drilling that has been in place for almost twenty years. It is time for Congress to act as well. The future of our nation, our allies and the future depend on it.

Investors Business Daily has an editorial “Reacting to Russia” on the same subject which reaches almost the same conclusions here.


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