AAR South Shore Mall – Bay Shore, Long Island 8/23/08

We arrived in Bay Shore shortly after our scheduled 1pm arrival to find our advance contingent (‘Princess’ Carolyn and the NY/NJ Rapid Reaction Team) had gotten there earlier and had already claimed the ground leading up to the mall entrance so that passersby and mall visitors would have the benefit of our pro-troops, pro-America message before they were subjected to the old tired harangue of the moonbat misfits.

Mall Security and Suffolk County Police were already on-site to prevent a recurrence of the moonbat violations of private property rights that they have tried in several of their mall escapades. Our folks did a quick recon of the mall but could find only one obvious moonbat present wandering about as if in search of his seditious fellow travelers.

Outside we set up our flag line along Sunrise Highway and broke out our Honk for Victory, Support Victory and We Love Our Military signs and started our troop support rally while the moonbats were busy waving their rainbow surrender flags. We got some good laughs out of some of their more dated signs such as “The Surge is NOT Working”. Somebody needs to send that moonbat a telegram that the surge is over and we won!

We were honored to be joined by some new eagles today, just about the whole family of one of our troopers who is departing for deployment in Iraq on Monday, A Marine Vet and retired SCPD officer, an active duty OIF Veteran Marine and an Army OIF Veteran who has served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. They were all enthusiastic at being able to finally join up with others who have been taking the fight to the opposition here at home. Later we were joined by the father of the Marine and his friend who came by to join the fun!

To top the day off, along came “scruffy” who you will remember as the particularly rabid moonbat who was accusing all U.S. Military of being baby killers as she danced around with a blood red painted doll outside the Walt Whitman Mall two months ago. It turns out that she and the wife of the soldier about to be deployed had a run-in a week or two ago with this vile person which prompted the wife to look up where the moonbats would be next.

Well “scruffy” was too much even for the other moonbats and they quickly abandoned the ground around her and retired to the far side of the mall entrance before cutting and running a half hour before they were scheduled to end. That left “scruffy” alone to continue dancing in her “off her meds” state and calling us all racists or Uncle Toms or stupid or whatever feeble insults she could conjour up in her delusional mind.

Chaplain Desiree had great fun, bestowing the “scruffy” nickname on her and serenading her with “Who let the Dogs Out?” and other favorite tunes.

We had another great day in our Mall Tour, projecting confidence and victory to the public, demoralizing the dregs of the left and meeting new friends all at the same time! It was a great day to be a patriot on Long Island!

Pamela’s photos are here and here.

Here is a link to a Newsday article with a photo of my confrontation with “scruffy” outside Walt Whitman Mall in June.

Update: Video is here.

Previous After Action reports from the 2008 Mall Tour:

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