Honor the Patriots who died for our Right to be Free

If we cannot honor those who gave their all for our freedom, how can we expect to retain those freedoms for the future?
Prison Ship Martyrs Monument Re-dedication

Who: Society of Old Brooklynites
What: 100th Anniversary Tribute to Prison Ship Martyrs
Where: Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn
Maplink: Here
When: Saturday, August 23, 2008, 10am to Noon

During the American Revolution the British anchored prison ships (old warship hulks unfit for sea duty) in Wallabout Bay (site of the Brooklyn Navy Yard). These ships served as a prison and extermination mechanism for patriots, soldiers, sailors and civilians, captured in battle or on the high seas. Thousands of American soldiers and sailors were imprisoned on those ships in horrible disease infested conditions. Over 13,000 patriots died rather than renounce liberty. Their remains were buried in shallow graves around Wallabout Bay. Twenty years after the revolution ended, and a new nation was born, the bones of these patriots still littered the shore as the Navy Yard in Brooklyn was under construction. They were collected and entombed in a common grave. In 1908 the Society of Old Brooklynites built a memorial over that crypt which, at that time was the tallest free standing Doric column in the world. This Saturday, 100 years after the construction, the memorial will be rededicated to those heroes buried beneath. The silent witnesses to the price of freedom. They have been forgotten for far too long, the original POWs and MIAs of our great nation.

For more background on the Prison Ship Martyrs visit this site. Scroll down the page for the whole horrific story.


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