Men and women in the arena

It is terrific to know that while 1,700 of us from the New York National Guard are serving here in Afghanistan, our recruiting numbers back home continue to go up. The New York Army National Guard is closing on its goal of 10,500 assigned Soldiers.

One would think that nearly seven years following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, record service for homeland defense and deployments to Iraq and now Afghanistan that New York’s Citizen Soldiers would be more than feeling the strain (which we certainly are). But the news is that many are remaining in the Guard and we are attracting more to our ranks. How can this be?

It is money for college? Is it because they are unemployed? Are they just adventurers or worse – “war mongers?”

After 30 years of Guard service and now more than 115 days of “boots on the ground” here in Afghanistan, I think I can sum it up with a high degree of accuracy. They get it – America is at war.

Read the rest of this great article here.


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