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Doing what the left does best…..cut and run

On Saturday, August 16, 2008, The Gathering of Eagles came to Somerville, NJ to stand for our troops. Our intrepid and hard working state coordinator, Carolyn along with David’s help, did a little recon of the anti-war “vigil” last month. The moonbats had about 15 folks planted outside the recruiting station in the middle of town (classy!!). The dynamic duo returned to their car and gathered their signs for an impromptu rally of their own…an Eagle is always prepared!

The moonbats were NOT happy. Two Eagles on a corner across the street caused them so much rabid anger, several of them literally ran across the street to verbally harass our heroes. But did they chase our Eagles away? No sir…Eagles are not intimidated….even when outnumbered.

Fast forward to August 16th. Eagles from CT, NJ, PA & NY met outside the recruiting station. Within minutes, the 20 plus Eagles had American flags flying on all four corners. Honks and thumbs up became a constant backdrop.

There were some typical Eagle moments. An older couple came by, thanked us for being there and expressed their joy at seeing Eagles on the corner for a change. At Carolyn’s invitation, they joined us and asked when the next event was! New Eagles hatching! In addition, a wonderful NJ woman, Sue, heard about the event on-line…intended to stop by for a few minutes and stayed the entire time.

A young woman came to take pictures…we are all a little cautious about folks who approach…you NEVER know what their agenda might really be. But we were thrilled when she told us the following,” I was upstairs in my apartment watching tv….my husband came in and said there were protesters outside the recruiting station. I said big deal, they are there every month….he said no honey, they are pro-troop!!!! I grabbed my camera. I HAD to see this for myself. As soon as I leave here, I am going to send these pictures to our friend who is serving in Iraq so he sees what people are doing for him.”

There is no finer honor we can have then to know that our brave heroes will know we have their backs here at home.

After much merriment, the witching hour was drawing near…the moonbats’ arrival approached. Up the street came one lone hippie, dragging her Soros funded premade signs. As she rounded the corner and saw the Eagles, her mouth dropped so far open she could have fit an army boot right inside. She stood, forlornly, waiting for backup. Finally, she was joined by another leftie who was equally gobsmacked. They huddled together, snapping pictures and calling for backup on their cells. After no more than 10-15 minutes, they scurried away, defeated.

At least they provided a real time example of EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE US DO IN IRAQ….those sad creatures did what the left knows best…in the face of opposition, in the face of challenge….the MOONBATS CUT AND RUN.

It was wonderful day for Eagles and for our troops.
Please take a look at the video of the retreat…too funny!


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Here is a report from Susan who came for the first time to an Eagles Troop Rally!

It is terrific to know that while 1,700 of us from the New York National Guard are serving here in Afghanistan, our recruiting numbers back home continue to go up. The New York Army National Guard is closing on its goal of 10,500 assigned Soldiers.

One would think that nearly seven years following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, record service for homeland defense and deployments to Iraq and now Afghanistan that New York’s Citizen Soldiers would be more than feeling the strain (which we certainly are). But the news is that many are remaining in the Guard and we are attracting more to our ranks. How can this be?

It is money for college? Is it because they are unemployed? Are they just adventurers or worse – “war mongers?”

After 30 years of Guard service and now more than 115 days of “boots on the ground” here in Afghanistan, I think I can sum it up with a high degree of accuracy. They get it – America is at war.

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