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Is contracting out services in Iraq really such a waste of tax dollars?

Our Guest Author today is “Greyhawk” a two-tour veteran of Iraq who blogs (since 2003) at the Mudville Gazette and MilBlogs. He created the MilBlogs Ring and MilBlogs TV.

The AP reports that the Congressional Budget Office is worried about the cost of the war in Iraq; more specifically, they don’t think our government is getting a good deal for our money.

They inform us:

Military contracts in the Iraq theater have cost taxpayers at least $85 billion, and when it comes to providing security, they might not be any cheaper than using military personnel, according to a report released Tuesday.

While much of the discussion (and the accompanying photos) in the article centers on security contractors, those who make it through to paragraph 12 will discover additional details:

The CBO estimated Tuesday that $6 billion to $10 billion has been spent on security work, and that the prices paid are comparable to a U.S. military unit doing that work.

Confused? Fortunately, one can find some clarity in the actual report:

For the rest of his cogent analysis and masterful takedown of the media’s claim go here.