Go West!

Posted On: August 8, 2008 at 1:43 AM By: DanNY

Tuesday evening I had the distinct honor to meet an American hero, Allen West, when he took time from his busy campaign for Congress in Florida to come to New York City to meet some friends and supporters. What makes Allen a hero in my eyes is a choice he made against all his own best interests to put the lives and safety of his men first. His actions resulted in the capture of insurgents and weapons and most likely saved the lives of several of his men.

A profile in courage and self sacrifice.

Now Allen is seeking to serve the people of his district in Florida, and, more broadly, all Americans by running for a seat in Congress to restore conservative American values and honor to our government.

He is another Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who deserves our support in his mission.

Photos and videos courtesy of Pamela

Allen West the Video – Speech at the Soldiers, Sailors Marines and Airmens’ Club in New York City 8/5/08

Photographs from the event are here.


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