AAR Times Square 8/02/2008

Posted On: August 3, 2008 at 2:56 AM By: DanNY

AAR Times Square 8/2/2008

No plan survives contact with the enemy. Some plans don’t even make it that far! But the end results are what matter and in that regard today was an excellent day for patriots!

We didn’t get to stand for long by the recruiting station. The police asked us politely but firmly to move down to 40th Street and Broadway where we could directly oppose the moonbats. We complied with that request when they assured us that none of the protesters would be allowed north of 42nd Street.

Up to that point we had enjoyed the concert that was going on. The music was good and they had an energized crowd filling the island and lining the sidewalks on both sides of Times Square. I got to enjoy it a bit longer because I stayed around in front of the station to round up late arrivals and send them to the new location. At about eleven thirty a tremendous thunderstorm began to move into the area. Like a scene from the apocalypse the skies darkened with rushing dark clouds and the wind swirled around whipping my flag to and fro.

At two minutes to Noon, just as I had collected the last stragglers I saw, the skies opened with a torrential downpour just as the moonbats were beginning their rally. Conveniently, the area our folks were situated in had a nice wide overhang where we could stay mostly dry. The poor moonbats had no such cover and the wails and anguish that could be heard over their close encounter with that foreign substance H2O was almost pitiful to hear.

When the rain abated we rendezvoused with the rest of the Patriots just as a truck giving out free Monster Power Drinks pulled up and supplied us all with free refreshments! So by the time we were allowed to move in close proximity to the moonbats we were fired up! It should come across in some of the video but we were belting out our chants with extra relish today!

The moonbats had a particularly dismal showing. Far from my initial estimate of a few thousand made a few days ago, they barely mustered perhaps four hundred. The poor weather undoubtedly drove some away, but their turnouts are so bad lately that it is hard to get our undercover operatives into their midst.

The Adalah group whom I had been concerned about (because they announced they were going to meet at 44th St and march south to 42nd Street) were for the most part a no show. When I was still at the recruiter station I kept a sharp eye out for them, but didn’t spot even any small groups coming through the area.

We had a few incidents. One when an islamist took a poke at one of the women on our side and then returned to our area and slapped the arm of one of our combat vets. His bag of fliers spilled its contents on the street and he ended up tackled by Police for his troubles.

Another when a blue star mom rescued a torn, burned knot of flags (U.S., Great Britain and Israel) that one of the protesters had been waving about and then dropped on the ground.

The final incident was when the Nam Knights came around the corner of 42nd Street right past the protesters. The Police Inspector had them stop there and rev their engines and then reportedly told them to leave the area. I’m awaiting confirmation of the exact conversation that took place there.

We serenaded the moonbats with chants, “Go For Vic Tor Y”, “War freed the slaves”, “USA All the Way!” etc… When their group finally made ready to make their march we unfurled DanP’s 10×15 American Flag and held it high chanting “Where’s YOUR Flag!”

As is normal at these events their area was a mess when they departed. So bad, in fact, that a few patriots went over and cleaned some of the mess up. It’s a shame these spoiled children were never taught to clean up after themselves.

All in all it was an absolutely great day for the Patriots! We had passersby thanking us for being there, active duty personnel stopping by (in one case posing with one of our service branch flags to commemorate their visit), even one lady shouting at the police that she had seen the Islamist starting the whole incident that was partially captured on film.

Pamela’s photos are here. More of her captioned photos are here. Her videos are here and here. In that second video, near the end, notice that moonbat flying his true colors. He is holding a People’s Democratic Republic of China flag. Urban Infidel, Atlas Shrugs and Tick Tick Boom also did an excellent job of covering the event.

CBS News has coverage and interviews here.


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