Troop Scoop 7/21/2008

Troop Scoop

Posted: 21 Jul 2008 08:21 AM CDT

Dear Interested Reader,
The big stories are the huge weapons and munition caches siezed, as well as many AQI terrorists and other criminals.  It’s always good to hear how criminal activities are thwarted.  It’s also good to read that training of the IA Scouts is impressive, and successful.  There’s a nice picture of architecture in Taji Qada.
Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

July 21, 2008
Iraqi Army’s ‘Quiet Professionals’

By Sgt. Daniel T. West
41st Fires Bde

Editor’s Note: The names of individuals interviewed for this article could not be published due to the nature of the unit’s mission.


An Iraqi Army scout fires from cover, July 15.
Photo by Sgt. Daniel West.

FOB DELTA — A platoon of IA scouts took part in a live-fire exercise last week designed to simulate a raid and pursuit of a terrorist target in an urban environment.  U.S. Soldiers from Operational Detachment Alpha 7236 trained the IA scouts and supervised the exercise.
“In six years of training with (American) SF, we have never done training like we did today,” said the cmdr. of the IA Scout Co.  The training exercised the movement techniques the scouts have learned and updated their skills with the newest training, he added.
“They did fairly well,” said the U.S. Advisor from ODA 7236 in charge of the training. “This is what we built up to with 2 months of training, and I’m very pleased. They have improved a million times over.  “We’ve instilled the idea of being special,” he added. “They want to be here and are very motivated and ready to train.”
The IA Scouts’ mission is to pursue terrorist and criminal elements, said their cmdr.
American forces hand-picked the team members from IA training; they were named scouts after a 3-month selection course during which more than a third of the candidates dropped out, said a U.S. advisor.  Their effectiveness has not received much publicity, but the responses of the terrorist elements they target may be a better measure.
The previous cmdr. and 3 of their Soldiers were killed by terrorists while home on leave, but the scouts “did not give up,” said their cmdr.
The current cmdr. continues to receive threats and has had 3 assassination attempts against him. Their resolve remains strong.
“We’re here to keep Wasit and al Kut safe, to help make Iraq a safe place for families and children,” he said. “They are here for [a short time] training us, but it’s our country. We’ll be staying. We need to train, so we thank the Soldiers for passing the training along.  As warriors, we are motivated to always do better.”
“They do large ops, and no one ever knows about them,” said a warrant officer of ODA 7236. “They’re quiet professionals. They don’t need credit; they just want to accomplish the mission.”


INPs, MND-B Soldiers confiscate weapons cache in Baghdad

BAGHDAD – July 20, IP seized a 6″ EFP, a 120 mm artillery round, 4 RPGs and an IED. All munitions were turned in to Soldiers with the 4th BCT, 10th Mtn Div.
Since May 20, in support of Op Ironhorse Tempest, Iraqi SF and CF Soldiers have recovered 458 weapons and munitions caches, including 628 IEDs and EFPs; 991 RPGs; 5,471 rifles; 3,073 artillery, tank and mortar rounds; 291 rockets; homemade explosives and various bomb-making materials.


IA soldiers seize weapons cache in Sadr City

BAGHDAD –  July 20, IA Soldiers found 3 RPGs, 12 RPG-7 rounds, 4 RPG-7 chargers, a grenade, a 60 mm mortar tube and base, a PKC machine gun, 2 drums of rounds and 300 loose rounds.
Since May 20, the IA has recovered 230 weapons and munitions caches in Sadr city north of Quds Street, including 280 IEDs and EFPs, 2 anti-aircraft guns, 546 RPGs, 85 RPG launchers, 44 machineguns, 740 AK-47s, miscellaneous rifles and pistols, 29 mortar tubes, 925 artillery, tank, anti-aircraft and mortar rounds, 52 rockets, 44 rocket launcher, rails and tubes, 120 anti-tank mines, an anti-personnel mine, large amounts of TNT and C4, almost 400 grenades, homemade explosives and various bomb-making materials.


RPGs and RPG launchers are lined up in rows as part of the 9th IA Div’s weapons and munitions cache display at Al Rasheed Airbase June 18.
(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Whitney Houston)


Baghdad National ERB detains two suspected Special Groups criminals, kills six

BALAD –  July 20, in Sadr City, the ERB detained a suspected Special Groups criminal leader and an associate believed to be responsible for supplying lethal weapons to other Special Groups criminals in Baghdad.  One of the suspected criminals is said to be the leader of a cell responsible for multiple attacks against CF in the area and for seeking lethal weapons from Iran.
After detaining the suspects, ERB proceeded to a suspected cache site located in the New Baghdad district and came under attack,
returning fire and killing 2. After a brief cease fire, ERB came under fire again from elements within the building and called for close air support from CF.  Coalition aircraft fired 40 and 105 mm rounds at the building, when a large explosion occurred, leading the team to believe it contained a weapons cache.
While assessing the building, ERB continued to come under attack. Three suspected criminals fled into an adjacent building while 4 others were killed during the exchange of gunfire.


ISOF kill two suspected terrorists in Diyala Province

BALAD –  July 17, during an op to disrupt AQI activity in the region, while approaching the suspects, one raised his hands while the other reached for a suicide vest.  Perceiving hostile intent, the ISOF engaged the men, killing both suspects.
The 2 suspects were allegedly part of an AQI cell with at least 20 members, including foreign fighters. The cell is said to conduct mortar attacks and murders against Iraqi civilians and IED attacks against CF. Reports indicate the cell moves at night and uses “spider holes” by the canal to emplace IEDs.  Reports also indicate many of the terrorists manning these positions wear suicide vests or control the IED triggers.


MND-B Soldiers detain known terrorist, two suspected criminals

BAGHDAD –  July 19, in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad, at approx. 5:30 p.m., Soldiers from the 1st BCT, 4th ID, detained a known terrorist in the Hadar community.
Also in the Hadar community, 1st BCT Soldiers detained 2 suspected criminals at approx. 10 p.m.


ISOF disrupts criminal activities in central Iraq

BALAD –  July 18, In Baghdad, ISOF captured a suspected Special Groups criminal working for the Ministry of Oil. The suspect reportedly uses his business earnings to purchase weapons and vehicles for Special Groups criminals.
The ISOF captured 2 additional Special Groups criminals in Basra. They are accused of murder and kidnapping as well as IED and indirect fire attacks.  One of the criminals is accused of using his position as an IP officer to transfer weapons and IP vehicles to Special Groups criminals.  He is also wanted for the extra-judicial killing of a local female.
In the New Baghdad area, ISOF detained 7 suspected Special Groups criminals reportedly associated with a known cell operating in Jisr Diyala.  Reports indicate the leader of this group was planning to conduct and film an IED attack for exploitation.


ISF, CF thwart terrorist activities, uncover weapons caches

BALAD – In the northern and western regions of Iraq, Iraqi and CF hindered terrorists and insurgents, July 16-18.
On July 18, the Salah ad-Dinh Emergency Services Unit and the Tikrit National ERU conducted a joint op to capture known insurgents and disrupt terrorists’ use of Bayji Island as a safe haven and logistical cache area. They detained 2 men believed to be members of the terrorist group in Bayji who conducted IED attacks against CF.
On July 17 in Abu Dohon Village, northeast of Baghdad, Muqdadiya SWAT Team detained 5 suspected terrorists.  One of the suspected terrorists claims to be the leader of a 13-person cell responsible for crimes ranging from extortion to attacks against the GoI and CF.  During the operation, SWAT uncovered a bag of ammonium nitrate.
On the same day in the western regions of Iraq, Haditha SWAT conducted an op to execute an arrest warrant for a suspected terrorist believed to be involved with attacks against Iraqi and CF.
Iraqi and CF also continue to uncover weapons caches in the northern region of the country, July 16 and 17,  based on info that IEDswere being constructed and stored in the area.  Reports also indicated that attacks were being conducted against CF. The caches   consisted of concrete blocks, boosters and artillery rounds, several gallons of home-made explosives, mines, rocket launchers and several sticks of explosive materials. They also detained 2 men for questioning.


Coalition forces target al-Qaeda in Iraq

BAGHDAD – CF detained 15 suspects July 20, during ops in central and northern Iraq targeting al-Qaeda leaders.
In Bayji, about 160 km south of Mosul, CF captured a suspected AQI operative. When the force entered the target building, they encountered 2 armed men. Perceiving hostile intent, CF engaged and killed them. One suspect, identified as the targeted individual, charged CF and was injured during the op. Another suspected terrorist was detained.
Two other ops in Bayji targeted AQI leaders and netted 4 suspected terrorists.
Info from an individual captured last week led CF to 2 locations in Baghdad where they captured 2 alleged AQI leaders in the Southern Belt around the city. The wanted men are believed to be behind kidnappings and attacks against civilians and the SF that protect them. CF detained 2 additional suspects during the 2 ops.
Also in Baghdad, CF targeted members of an extremist group that has been helping AQI’s propaganda network and detained 2 suspects.
In Mosul, CF used info from an op July 1 to target a senior AQI leader in the city and detained 2 suspected terrorists.


Taji Qada Patrol


Army Spc. Adam Brown patrols through a neighborhood in the Taji Qada, northwest of Baghdad, July 9.
Photo by Sgt. J. B. Jasso 111



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