AAR – Band Together for the Troops

Smith-Wever American Legion Post 651 and Joseph Kovarik American Legion Post 1146 banded together on Sunday to put on a great fund raiser for their efforts to sent care packages to the troops. Over 200 folks came and enjoyed themselves while building a war chest for troop support. Tom, Commandant of Post 651 was the master of ceremonies (and the person most requested for the dunking pool!) which duty he shared with Donna, blue star mom and member of Band of Mothers.

Special thanks to Eileen and all the ladies of Post 651 who oversaw the hall preparations, donated all the food, and rounded up the volunteers to cook all that sweet corn, hamburgers and hot dogs for the guests!

Besides the raffles, BBQ and great music, tables were provided for various organizations to lay out information for recruiting purposes. Among those who took advantage of this were; Gathering of Eagles, Patriot Guard Riders, Soldiers Angels, Band of Mothers, etc…

At the end of the day I presented Tom with a Gathering of Eagles Bike Flag in appreciation for all he has done in organizing responses to deal with anti-recruitment activity in Suffolk County and for his unwavering support for our troops.

It was a fun day in great company!

My pictures are here.

David Murphy’s pictures are here.


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