AAR Dutchess County Troop Rally July 5, 2008

I finally made it up to the Troop Rally in Wappingers Falls at the corner of Rte 9 and Vassar Road in Dutchess County to stand with the patriots there this weekend.  It was a blast!  I have to admit that of all the rallies I’ve been to, this one takes the cake for positive response!  The sheer volume and persistence of horn blowing is amazing, even more so since not one “Honk for Victory” sign is displayed.  The local police had asked both the patriots and Pete Seeger’s anti-America group to stop displaying those “Honk” signs because of the volume of noise they generated.  The patriots have complied with that request even though the opposition, in desperation to try and drum up some support for their negative message, has taken to redisplaying them.  Even David Murphy, the photojournalist who has been following us around the past few weeks documenting us for his project, was impressed.

Dennis, Bill, Steve, Mike, Tony and his family, and everyone else do exemplary work at this location!

To top the day off, we met another Vietnam era Marine who was in the same outfit as Dennis only a year later.  He donated another large American Flag for the display!

My photos are here


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