AAR Walt Whitman Mall Moonbat Infestation and later a Salute to Veterans

It rained today though not a drop fell from the sky. The moonbats of Long Island had their inaugural stop on their scheduled ‘Mall Tour’ parade of Long Island at the Walt Whitman Shopping Mall in Huntington. Unfortunately for them, eagles arrived early, secured the high ground and commanded the field. When the moonbats tried to pull an end run by sneaking into the mall and doing their cheap street theater the mall security were all over them like white on rice and ejected them from the building. They must have felt the scorn pouring down on them from all sides.

They were exceedingly unhappy with us (yet again) and one of their more rabid loonies came over to our side to pay a visit.

This frothing at the mouth Code Pinko was itching for one of us to start a fight over her provocations. She was such a racist putrid sack of dung that I am not even going to try to document all of the lies and filth that came out of her mouth. After that display one can understand quite clearly how people like her could initiate the assault on the Iraq veteran and his family in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, last month and all the other assaults they have perpetrated on patriots and service members in the past.

In any event she was unable to provoke us into a fight but gained herself the intense interest of the Suffolk County Police who spoke with her a good long time after they escorted her back across the street.

We had Gold Star Dads and Blue Star Moms as well as US Veterans MC members join us today in a productive and rewarding counter point to the despair and angst of the depressed moonbats.

After the moonbats slunk off to wherever they roost, eagles went over to the formerly infested area and applied a little cleanser to quench the stench.

Pamela’s pictures and a few short videos are here.

After our mall foray we joined with the Patriot Guard Riders in the Salute to Veterans party at Point Lookout in Nassau County on the ocean. This was a blast! Some fine veterans were honored and many more were present including four of the Tuscogee airmen from WWII. The presentations were followed by a great concert by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes and capped off with an excellent fireworks display. The Town of Hempstead did an outstanding job putting it all together.

It was a great day in all respects!

Pictures of the presentation portion of the event are here.

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