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Troop Scoop 6/27/2008

Troop Scoop

Posted: 27 Jun 2008 12:08 PM CDT

Dear Interested Reader,
Progress continues by way of the opening of the largest public works substation in Baghdad, and an electrical power station getting ready to open in Basra.  Read about further success for Iraqi and UK joint security op in Basra.  The leader of an IED cell is captured near FOB Falcon Baghdad.  Huge weapons and munition caches continue to be seized with help from Iraqi civilians.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
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June 27, 2008
Largest public works substation in Baghdad opens

BAGHDAD – Iraqi SF, civic leaders, local townsmen and CF gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony in the Ameriyah community in the Mansour district of Baghdad to acknowledge the opening of the biggest public works substation in Baghdad, June 25.
Public works substations provide essential services to local communities such as trash pickup, street cleaning and other services necessary for proper community maintenance.
The opening of the Ameriyah substation marks an important milestone for residents of this area who have not had these services in more than two years.
“These basic services used to be centralized into only one station located in the Eastern Mansour district of Baghdad, creating a deficit in other parts of the city,” said Col. Louis Fazeka, part of the ePRT, 2nd BCT, 101st Abn Div, MND – Baghdad.  “The focus of this mission has been to ‘decentralize’ and make substations throughout western Baghdad, making these services more readily available to those neglected parts of the city.  These people want these basic essential services that you and I take for granted back home.  It boosts the peoples’ confidence in the govt,” said Fazeka.
“This station has brought life back to 15,000 residents due to the reinstatement of these services,” said Salwan  Latif, Iraqi public works assistant zone director, and 30-year resident of Ameriyah.  “Seven months ago, we were hiding in our houses in fear for our lives.  But thanks be to God…all aspects of fear that we had is in the past, and our lives are open now, and so are our opportunities.”


IA finds weapons cache in Diyala Province

TIKRIT – IA Soldiers found a weapons cache in the Diyala Province, June 26, containing more than 1,000 pounds of homemade explosives, 3 IEDs, 10 anti-tank mines, 4 rockets and various IED-making items..


ISF continue to clear Amarah of munitions

BAGHDAD – Iraqi SF discovered numerous munitions during Op Basha’er as Salaam in Amarah.  The caches, found in homes, businesses and public areas throughout the city from June 19-22 totaled more than 1,700 mortar rounds, 873 mines, 445 artillery rounds, 347 RPGs, 267 rockets, 227 missile launchers, 109 IEDs, 74 grenades; 35, 122 mm rounds; 27 EFPs and 14 missiles.
The ISF led the combined effort, both in planning and execution, located a total of 117 weapons caches
and detained more than 63 criminals since the op began.  A 4-day amnesty period was allowed prior to the op for citizens to turn in munitions not counted in the above list.  The citizens’ cooperation with the ISF was integral in the success of the mission.
“The op has been a great success,” said Col. Charles A. Flynn, cmdr. of 1st BCT, 82nd Abn Div. “The IP and IA are out in force.  They are doing the hard and dangerous work to detain criminals and remove Special Groups from this area.  At the same time, they’re providing humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Amarah and creating a safer environment to call home.”

ISF line the collection area with a weapons cache discovered in Amarah.


MND-B Soldiers detain key criminal leader

BAGHDAD –  Soldiers from the 4th Inf Regt, attached to the 1st BCT, 4th ID, detained the leader of an IED criminal cell, June 24 in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad, near FOB Falcon, Baghdad.
“The detainment of this key criminal will keep the residents of Rashid much safer,” said Maj. Dave Olson, 1st BCT Spokesman, 4th ID, MND-B.  “The 2nd Bn., 4th Inf. Regt. Soldiers have worked hard to transform the Doura area into a safe and secure environment in a relatively short amount of time.”


IA Soldiers seize weapons in Sadr City

BAGHDAD – IA Soldiers seized numerous weapons caches in the Sadr City district of Baghdad, June 25.
Since May 20, the IA has uncovered 205 weapons and munitions caches, including more than 150 IEDs and 100 EFPs.
“This is a significant achievement for the Baghdad Ops Command and the IA,” said Lt. Col. Steve Stover, a spokesman for MND – Baghdad.  “It shows increased capability, competence and the trust the Sadr City residents have in the IA Soldiers.  “A significant number of the caches have been based on tips or citizens pointing the cache locations out,” said Stover.


Electrical sub-station powers up in Basra

BASRA – A new electrical substation that will provide additional power to the citizens of Basra  is scheduled to go online next month.  Iraqi electrical workers are installing new lines, inspecting transformers and making final checks throughout the substation in preparation to bring it online in early July.
The GoI is making efforts to bring basic services to Iraqis living in Basra as quickly as possible. “This sub-station will bring several more hours of normal, regulated electricity to this part of the city, ” said Lt. Col. Pau Hettich of the Civil Military Ops Center. “Iraqi engineers are doing a week of final testing to make sure everything is ready to go when they flip the switch.”Screenshot_039

Iraqi electrical engineers perform final checks by adding a load to the system at a sub-station.  (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Tim Ortez)

Screenshot_040 An Iraqi Soldier escorts patrols around transformers.


Further Success for Iraqi, UK Joint Security Operation in Basra

Screenshot_041 British and Iraqi officers confirm target locations during an op in Basra.  Photo by Corp. Rob Knight, RLC.

BASRA — Op Charge of the Knights, a joint op involving UK Soldiers and the IA, which aims to restore order and improve security in Basra, is making further progress.
The IA continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving the security situation in the city, carrying out a number of vehicle check points in recent days.  In addition, numerous house searches were carried out, leading to multiple arrests of suspected militants. 140 rounds of 150mm High Explosive shells were also found in one area of Basra.
Op Charge of the Knights, which began in March, is now into its 14th phase. The op has been one of the key drivers in bringing peace and stability to the streets of Basra in recent months. Elements of the IA and IP, with their US and UK MiTTs, can now be seen working in the city.
The MiTTs are working closely with the Iraqi SF and local contractors as pavements are replaced, sewers cleared and rubbish removed from the streets.
“Once again this op was fully planned and executed by the IA,” said Maj. Tom Holloway, spokesman for the MND – South East. “These ops demonstrate their capability, professionalism and commitment to the residents of Al Basrah Province.  It is enormously encouraging to see the progress made by the IA in maintaining the security of the city and its residents.  “Iraqi confidence and capabilities are improving by the day with our help,” he continued.  “The overall feeling here is upbeat and cautiously optimistic.  We will continue to push for security of Basra by helping the IA.”