Syracuse Military Courtesy Room Update

Good News from Cookie at the Cook Shack

Well Sir, I had planned on puttin up a post individually thanking everyone who had donated and helped the Military Courtesy Room. I was only going to list first names and your area of the country, however, the list has grown far too large and expansive.

So…I’ll begin by simply saying …..THANK YOU ALL!

So much has happened that this might take awhile. From the immediate moment of my posting of our need for a Military Courtesy Room at the Syracuse International Airport, contributions from you great folks ALL over these United States started pouring in. To say the least, we, Loren Davies, Leroy Bowen and myself were truly overwhelmed by the depth of your generosity.

Folks and corporations from across this great country of ours donated everything from $10.00, to $500.00, and every bit of it is sorely needed. Assistance in other forms also came in, for instance, “Joanne” from Long Island, contacted Dan Maloney from “A Gathering of Eagles” who reposted about our project. From Dan’s post, another wonderful person named Mary Ann Reitano from the Syracuse area contacted us and offered assistance on several fronts. BTW, “Joanne“, I couldn’t get a personal message of thanks to you through your blogsite.

Read the whole thing here because it get even better!


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