AAR Wounded Warriors Welcomed in NYC 6/20/2008

A group of Wounded Warriors and their families arrived in New York today to participate in events around the city this weekend.  A group of Eagles were there to meet them with a happy crowd of Patriots.
Pamela’s Pictures
Pamela’s Video

Eva’s report:

At 2:00 P.M. today — Friday June 20 (first day of Summer) — Pamela, David, Coretta and myself were at the entrance of 37th and Park Avenue to welcome the Wounded Veterans and their loved ones.

We were the only ones who brought our flags.  They looked so nice flying in the wind.  Two guys from the fire department wanted David’s and my flag which we happily gave to them.  They wanted to be photographed with the flags and kept them till the very end welcoming the Warriors.

Coretta and I held her big flag and acted as the welcoming committee.  We hugged and kissed each and every wounded Warrior Soldier coming off the bus.  We did not cry which was a huge accomplishment for both of us.  I believe they were extremely impressed with their welcoming committee.  Many people from all kinds of backgrounds were there also to welcome the Warriors.  Every time one of them got off the bus everyone cheered and clapped for them.

David helped with the transportation for the Warriors coming off the bus.

Pamela was taking pictures of everything.

Rolling Thunder was there also and we gave them a very loud welcome as they Thundered and rolled in on their very large machines.

We did not see any Moon Bats flying around or any other dirty, crazy, hippy commies.  Perhaps they are a bit demoralized since we are winning this war.

Afterwards we were invited to go with all the Patriots to DUG’S which is about a block away from were we were — for food and drinks.  Coretta and I got some really nice T-shirts too.

Excellent work!
I see T-Man from Nam Knights and a few other familiar faces there!
Good job by all involved!


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