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Troop Scoop 6/19/2008

Troop Scoop

Posted: 19 Jun 2008 11:44 AM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
A suspected AQI cell member captured in Balad, and a suspected ISI cell leader captured in Mosul.  4 suspected criminals detained in Rashid, while huge weapons and munition caches are seized.  We are also witness to the heroism of 2 U.S. Army air crews.
Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

June 19, 2008
Emergency Response Unit captures suspected AQI cell member

BALAD –  June 17, the ERU conducted an op to arrest a suspected AQI cell member on a Ministry of Interior warrant reportedly responsible for extra-judicial killings, IED and small arms fire attacks against Iraqi and CF and local intimidation.


Iraqi Army captures ISI cell leader in Mosul

BALAD – The IA captured a suspected cell leader for the Islamic State of Iraq, a front organization for AQI, in Mosul, June 17.
The IA conducted an op to capture an ISI cell leader believed to be responsible for transporting weapons, emplacing IEDs and conducting IED attacks against CF. His cell is said to have murdered, kidnapped for ransom, and supported other ISI/AQI ops in the area.


MND-B Soldiers detain four suspected criminals

BAGHDAD – In the Rashid district of southern Baghdad, June 17, Soldiers from 1st BCT, 4th ID, arrested 4 individuals suspected of ties to a known Special Groups criminal in the Zubaida neighborhood about 3 a.m.


IA, NP, MND-B Soldiers uncover multiple caches in Sadr City, Baghdad

BAGHDAD – IA Soldiers seized 8 weapons caches June 17 as they continue efforts to make Sadr City a safer place.
The combined caches consisted of 2 130 mm rounds, 2 122 mm rounds, 3 57 mm rounds and 31 12.7 mm rounds 2 RPG-7 rounds, 2 rifles, a RPK machine gun, 2 rocket launchers, 2 AK-47, 10 AK-47 mags, 18 60 mm mortar rounds, a radio, an Egyptian sniper rifle, 2 remote-control devices, 2 rolls of detonation cord, 5 initiation devices, an RPG-7 anti-personnel round, 2 155 mm IEDs, 12 120 mm rounds, 19 82 mm mortar rounds, 3 grenades, one 12.7 mm machine gun, a 155 mm round, a 100 mm round, a 60 mm smoke round,  4 RPG-7 anti-tank rounds, 96 PKC rounds, and 2 82 mm mortar fuses,
Soldiers serving with the 2nd Stryker BCT, 25th ID, MND-B, found 21 57 mm artillery shells, 87 57mm warheads, and a mortar round at approx. 9 a.m. in an area north of Baghdad.
In the West Rashid district, Iraqi NP seized 4 rocket rails and 7 60 mm mortar rounds.
“Since May 20, 270 weapons and munitions caches have been seized by Iraqi SF and CF in the Baghdad area,” said Col. Allen Batschelet, chief of staff, MND-B and the 4th ID spokesman. “These caches included 449 EFPs and IEDs, 1,268 mortar rounds, 606 RPGs, 178 rockets and 3,012 rifles.”


Army aircrews receive medals for heroism

TIKRIT – Two aircrews with the 3rd Assault Helicopter Bn, 1st AR, CAB, 1st ID, received medals for heroism in a ceremony at COB Speicher, June 14.
Lt. Col. James H. Bradley Jr. received the Silver Star Medal and Chief Warrant Officer Lyndle Ratliff received the Distinguished Flying Cross.  Chief Warrant Officer James Howe, Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Henry, Sgt. Paul Perdock, Sgt. Fredrick Benuzzi, Spc. Kenneth Steinmetz, and Spc. Jacob Norotsky received the Air Medal with Valor.
Bradley and his crews distinguished themselves while conducting an air assault, and an insertion of an aerial reaction force.  After infiltration, the ground troops began taking casualties from enemy fire.
Bradley realized the supporting Apache gunships could not engage the enemy because they were so close to friendly forces. He immediately directed an assault of the insurgents’ position to allow the reaction force to withdraw.
Bradley and Henry began a series of low, sweeping passes to clearly identify enemy and friendly positions.  Ratliff and Howe laid down suppressing fire while the door gunners engaged the enemy with machine gun fire.
Despite receiving enemy fire to the cockpit and the rest of his aircraft, Ratliff and Howe engaged the enemy.  The two crews also hovered close to the enemy to allow the door gunners to better engage
enemy forces.  Bradley and his crew made 3 deliberately slow passes under heavy enemy fire, expending all his ammo and killing or injuring most of the enemy in their ambush position.
Even though the door gunners were out of ammo, the 2 teams remained over the besieged troops exposing their aircraft — hoping to draw enemy fire away from the reaction force Soldiers.
“Let me tell you, I’ve seen the overhead film of the fight, and I walked the ground of the fight, and had it not been for those 2 aircrews, there would have been several more memories of Soldiers who didn’t make it through that day,” said Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling, the comm. gen. of MND – North.  “But when you talk about the heroism of the people we just awarded, it’s just unbelievable.   As I walked through that line, and looked in the eyes of each one of these Soldiers, all I saw was humility.”

Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling presents the Silver Star to Lt. Col. James H. Bradley Jr., the cmdr. of the 1st AR, June 14.  Bradley received the medal for his actions in support of combat ops east of Balad, Jan. 16.

Spc. Kenneth Steinmetz, a door gunner shakes hands with Maj. Gen Mark P. Hertling, after receiving the Air Medal with valor.

Chief Warrant Officer Lyndle Ratliff, a helicopter pilot shakes hands with Maj. Gen Mark P. Hertling after receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross.