Troop Scoop 6/15/2008

Troop Scoop

Posted: 15 Jun 2008 10:41 AM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
TF Summit soldiers lose soccer game, but gain friendships.  Iraqi NP adopts code of ethic, as progress continues.  A suspected Special Groups leader captured, as well as an AQI cell leader.  Huge weapons caches continue to be seized.
Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

June 15, 2008
IA, MND-B Soldiers seize large weapons cache in Khadamiya

Screenshot_014 IA soldiers  uncovered a large weapons cache in the Khadamiya district of Baghdad, June 14. The cache consisted of body armor, IEDs, EFPs, RPGs, C-4 explosives, mortar rounds, mortar tubes, mortar bipods, anti-personnel mines, homemade explosives, shocks, fuses, various wires and detonation cord.


TF Summit Soldiers lose soccer game to Sons of Iraq’s Riyadh team

By Staff Sgt. Margaret C. Nelson

HAWIJAH –  In this military op, no body-armor was necessary and no shots were fired. The goal was friendship – and, scoring a few, for the Soldiers of 1st Bn, 87th Inf Regt, in a game of soccer against a team of SoI members in Riyadh.
This was the second game in a 5-game series for Task Force Summit Soldiers in an attempt to show the populace of the Hawijah district, “the human side of the U.S. Soldier, the non-combatant,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Vanek, the commander of the 1st Bn.  Although their attempts were valiant and a solitary goal was scored, the Iraqi team showed the CF team that soccer is their national sport, and they dominated throughout the 4-1 victory.
The 1st Bn cmdrs’ aspiration for the non-lethal approach to his battle space is convincing, when Ali, 14, visiting his uncle from Zaab, a western sub district of Hawijah, said he liked the game because this was the first time he had seen American Soldiers out of uniform on a soccer field trying to play soccer with Iraqis. “I’ve never spoken to a U.S. Soldier before, and now I see them playing soccer with us. They are trying to get to know us.  I think that is good and they are very nice,” he said.  More than 500 locals attended the event.
The Hawijah district has seen a 90% decrease in violent attacks against its populace, SF and the CF since December.  Although violence has struck home with the loss of 3 1st Bn Soldiers here in recent weeks, efforts such as these continue.  “I was torn,” Vanek said about the decision to continue with the match. “Are we sending the wrong message?”  But, his concerns were quelled by the Soldiers themselves. “They decided that the best way to honor the memory of our fallen is to show the enemy that our mission continues. They cannot stop our efforts and those of the citizens of this region to establish stability and peace in this region,” Vanek said.
“We did not play so much soccer because it was dangerous and we were afraid,” said Mohammad, a 24-year-old Riyadh SoI member pulling security at the event said. “The terrorists blew our youth center up so that we could not meet as a community there, and killed many of our people.  The Americans want to bring us together, help us.  And they have brought peace and security back to our city,” Mohammad said.
“I’m convinced after seeing the changes here since my last visit that we are accomplishing our mission and bringing a positive change to this area,”  said Spc. Brian Smith.

Screenshot_015 Spc. Brian Smith, 1st Bn,  scores the solitary goal for his team.

Screenshot_016 Lt. Col. Christopher Vanek gives the game ball to the team captain of the Riyadh SoI soccer team.

Screenshot_017 Soldiers of 1st Bn entertain the winning SoI soccer team of Riyadh with a dance following their 4-1 defeat.


Locals lead Iraqi, Coalition forces to sizeable weapons caches near Balad

TIKRIT- Local citizens’ tips led Iraqi and CF to sizeable weapons caches over the last 2 weeks in and around the city of Balad.
Balad citizens informed Soldiers of the 1st Bn, 32nd Cal Regt, 1st BCT, 101st Abn Div (AASLT) of caches consisting of 16 phone bases, 12 RPG rounds, 5 fuses, 2 anti-tank grenades, 4 ejector motors for RPGs, 2 sniper rifles, a light machine gun, a night sight and a day sight for mortars, 10,000 light machine gun and AK-47 rounds of ammo, 12 pounds of propellant, 4 120 mm HE mortar rounds, a 122 mm projectile and a 100 mm projectile.


IA, MND-B Soldiers seize large weapons cache in Khadamiya

BAGHDAD – IA soldiers uncovered a large weapons cache in the Khadamiya district of Baghdad, June 13,
consisting of 30 sets of body armor, 10 IEDs, 9 EFPs, 4 107 mm rockets, 10 RPGs, 28 sticks of C4 explosives, 18 120 mm mortar rounds, 20 82 mm mortar rounds, 33 81 mm mortar rounds, 8 60 mm mortar rounds,  a 120 mm mortar tube, 3 81 mm mortar tubes, a 60 mm mortar tube, a 60 mm mortar bipod, 2 81 mm mortar bipods, a 120 mm mortar bipod, an 81 mm mortar base plate, a 120 mm mortar base plate, 7 anti-personnel mines, 40 pounds of homemade explosives, liquid accelerant, shocks, fuses, various wires and detonation cord.


Iraqi National Police adopts Code of Ethic

Lt. Col. Sam Davis, HQ NP Transition Team, and
Brig. Gen. Najiem Al Khazaaly, Iraqi NP

BAGHDAD – In the ancient land of Mesopotamia, the earliest code of ethics became known as the Code of Hammurabi. Some 4,000 years later, in the same “Mesopotamia” region, Staff Maj. Gen. Al Awadi, cmdr. of the Iraqi NP, in his continuing efforts to transform the NP into the most professional paramilitary police force in the Middle East, introduced another code of ethics at a press conference June 8.
The newly adopted code is patterned after the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics of the Int’l. Assoc. of Chiefs of Police.
The basis of the code states that each police officer is to be committed to protecting the people of Iraq, safeguarding lives and property, respecting the laws and public service.  It further outlines the individual officer’s responsibility to be an example, obey and enforce all laws, maintain confidentiality, never act officiously or accept gratuities and recognize the position of a police officer as a “symbol of public trust”.
“We have had 14 successful combat ops in the last 6 months that were critical to the security of Iraq, from Diwaniyah and the first Basra contingency last fall to the significant ops in Baghdad, ” said Brig. Gen. Jim Yarbrough, Iraq Assistance Group comm. gen., who was also on hand to discuss the NP progress.
“This is the first time the GoI has deployed forces in control of these strategic cities, Mosul, Baghdad and Sadr City. ” Yarbrough also highlighted the NP’s presence in Samarra and Karbala as other examples of NP’s increasing effectiveness.

Screenshot_018 Maj. Gen. Al Awadi and Brig. Gen. Jim Yarbrough, discuss recent NP ops during a press conference announcing the adoption of the Iraqi National Police Code of Ethics.


SoI tip leads Soldiers to mortar cache in Rusafa

BAGHDAD – A SoI tip led Soldiers from 4th BCT, 10th Mtn Div,to a cache in the Rusafa security district of
eastern Baghdad,June 13.
Soldiers from 3rd Sqdrn, 89th Cav Regt, traveled to the suspected cache site in the Sheikh Umar area of northern Rusafa where they found a cache containing 58 60mm mortar rounds.


IA, MND-B Soldiers seize weapons in Baghdad

BAGHDAD – IA and MND – Baghdad Soldiers seized numerous weapons throughout Baghdad, June13.
IA soldiers discovered a weapons cache in the Karkh district of Baghdad at approx. 6 a.m. consisting of 470 AK-47s, 25 rifles, 4 9 mm pistols, an 8 mm pistol, 2 radios and a motorcycle.
Soldiers with the 4th BCT, 10th Mtn Div, acted on a tip from a SoI member and seized 58 60 mm mortars in the Rusafa district of Baghdad.


Salah ad-Din province Emergency Services Unit captures AQI leader

BALAD – A Salah ad-Din province Emergency Services Unit captured a suspected leader of AQI in Bayji, approx. 40 km northwest of Tikrit, June 12.
The ESU conducted an op to capture the leader who reportedly provides monetary support to AQI activities through criminal activities. One additional suspect was detained in the op.


Iraqi Special Operations Forces capture mid-level Special Groups criminal cell leader

BALAD –  June 12, the ISOF conducted an op to capture the reported leader of 250 criminal members suspected of IED attacks against Iraqi and CF. They are also accused of kidnapping and killing 19 Iraqi citizens, including 3 individuals who worked on a U.S. base.
During the op, ISOF also found and detained a man wanted on a Ministry of Justice warrant.


Iraqi Special Operations Forces capture suspected AQI cell leader

BALAD – In Mosul, June 11, the ISOF conducted an op to apprehend the suspected AQI cell leader reportedly responsible for IEDs and VBIED attacks against Iraqi and CF.  He is also believed to be responsible for kidnapping and murder in the area.


ISOF capture suspected Special Groups criminal leader in Baghdad

BAGHDAD –  June 12, the ISOF conducted an op to capture the suspected criminal allegedly responsible for kidnapping, interrogating, torturing and murdering Iraqi citizens.  He is also suspected of conducting fake IP checkpoints and ordering IED attacks against CF.
One additional suspect was detained during the op.



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