AAR Flag Day and Army Birthday at Soldiers and Sailors Club

The Flag Day and 233rd Birthday of the US Army event officially began at
the SSMAC Club with the traditional presentation of the colors by the US
Coast Guard Color Guard. Former Miss USO, Lynelle Johnson, then sung the
National Anthem and US Army Chaplain Major Doyle Corfmann delivered the

The Chairman of the Board of the SSMAC Club, Ivan Obolensky, then
presented a flag that had flown over Ground Zero, post 911, to Major
General (R) Richard S. Colt, former Commanding General for the 77th
Regional Readiness Command in special recognition for his service to the
United States and the Us Army. Major General Colt was the first Army
officer to lead his men into Ground Zero to aid in the search and rescue
efforts after the attacks on 911.

To round out the events, the new Garrison Commander of Fort Hamilton
Army Garrison, Colonel Stephen V. Smith, accompanied by his family and
other Fort Hamilton families, using a genuine army saber, cut a giant
birthday cake provided by the SSMAC Club in honor of the 233rd birthday
of the US Army.

The SSMAC Club, originally started by General John Joseph "Black Jack"
Pershing, was a beautiful, historic setting for the Flag Day/233rd US
Army birthday celebration and kudos to all of the great people who run
the club for pulling off such a fittingly patriotic presentation. Happy
Flag Day and Happy Birthday, US Army!


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