So Illegal Combatants Have Habeas Corpus Rights?

In a breathtakingly stupid piece of legal reasoning only a libtard could possibly justify, the Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that illegal combatants captured on the battlefield have the legal right to appeal their imprisonment to a civilian court.

Let’s put this in perspective: Our own soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, overseas putting their very lives on the line to protect our constitutional freedoms, do not have that right, when confined under an article 15 or court martial, for reasons that I would have heretofore thought obvious: The civilian courts have no competence to weigh mission accomplishment needs against the need to maintain order and discipline in the ranks, they have no competence to establish practical and useable rules of evidence collection and gathering on the battlefield, they have no competence to sit in judgement of warriors who are accused of crimes in the heat of a firefight, and they have no administrative capacity to extend judicial oversight over thousands of miles for thousands of cases.

Yet liberals have granted the precious right of habeas corpus to terrorists.

Never, to my knowledge, in the history of warfare, has any nation ever granted the right of judicial review to prisoners of war. Indeed, it is an extremely dangerous precedent to do so, because aside from illegal combatants, international law and custom does not assume that prisoners of war have committed a crime. The criminal model is wholly inappropriate for use in the context of the routine detention of prisoners of war – a concept which the mental midgets on the left, for some reason, seem to have a hard time processing.

Read the whole thing HERE.

Jason has captured most of my feelings on this travesty of legal reasoning and how it affects the REAL world.


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