US Is On the Brink Of Winning Iraq War!

For those who have actually read about what is happening on the ground in Iraq from reliable sources, such as our servicemen and long time embedded journalists like Michael Yon and Michael Totten, this is no surprise.  The situation continues to improve markedly in all areas of Iraq as the foreign terrorists are exposed and dealt with.

For a great wrap up please read Gateway Pundit’s article here.

For those who ARE surprised, may I suggest the following websites:

Michael Yon Online

Michael Totten in Iraq

For your reading:

Moment of Truth in Iraq

and viewing:

Outside the Wire – Video Documentary

Hopefully they will open your eyes to how badly the major media in this country have been spewing the propaganda, unchecked, of our enemies in the middle east.

There is still a danger of an upswing in violence in the coming months before the U.S. election.  The terrorists would love to have a ‘cut and run’ candidate elected.  To achieve that aim they may step up the violence in any way they can to give that type of candidate credence in the quisling media.  I sincerely hope that you will see through any such blatant attempts to manipulate public opinion.


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