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Troop Scoop 6/9/2008

Troop Scoop

Posted: 09 Jun 2008 10:31 AM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
The 501st MP Co., continues to make strides in the Tikrit area.  Firefighters on FOB Warrior hold fire warden workshops.  A suspected terrorist of an IED cell captured, and huge weapons and munition caches seized with the help of Iraqi citizens.
Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

June 9, 2008

ISF, MND-B Soldiers detain three, seize weapons

BAGHDAD – The IA and NP turned in weapons in separate incidents throughout Baghdad, while MND –
Baghdad Soldiers detained suspected criminals, June 7.
Soldiers from 1st BCT, 4th Inf Div detained 3 individuals.  A tip from a civilian identified the 3 as suspected criminals and accomplices to IED attacks against CF.


MPs assists IPs with traffic control points

TIKRIT – The humvee comes to a screeching halt. The Soldiers inside the vehicle are shaken, but they do not have time to think.  All 4 doors open simultaneously and the Soldiers jump out.  Before the dust settles and anyone can react, the Soldiers of the 501st MP Co will have a flash traffic control point in place.
The 501st MP Co., and IP recently conducted a TCP together in the Tikrit area.  A TCP is a spontaneous search of vehicles to surprise the criminal element and catch them off guard. They also help to ensure the security of neighborhoods.
The element of surprise is essential when setting up TCPs, said Spc. Ryan Lee, a MP with the 501st.  “Nobody knows we are going to be here,” said Spc. Robert Oberhofer, MP  “It’s random.  We’re not setting a pattern; we don’t usually do this, so they don’t have time to go a different route or change their tactics.”
The IPs usually take the lead on searching vehicles, while the CF supervise and make sure everything goes smoothly.
“We go out and interact with the people,” said Oberhofer. “We help the kids a lot. We let the people know we’re not just machines; we actually care.  “Not everyone in Iraq is an insurgent,” said Oberhofer. “Right now, this is a [hostile environment], but we are training the IP to maintain their own security as police officers.  Just like anywhere in the world, you’re going to have people who are bad or have different beliefs,” explained Oberhofer. “I believe here, there are a lot of good people.  We’re just trying to let them know we’re not just here to hurt them, we’re just trying to help their community.”


Staff Sgt. Matthew T. Misiano, a plt sgt gives out candy, shoes and lotion to the Iraqi children, June 5.

Screenshot_002 Staff Sgt. Misiano gives a pair of shoes away.

Screenshot_004 Spc. Ryan Lee poses with an Iraqi child.


Firefighters hold fire warden class at FOB Warhorse

Screenshot_005 Mike Galimberti, a firefighter with Wackenhut Services, Inc., stands beside a burn pit, as Soldiers going through a fire warden workshop on FOB Warhorse learn basic firefighting techniques such as how to put out fires using fire extinguishers, June 1. The class occurs twice a week.

Screenshot_006 Payton Frew, a firefighter with Wackenhut, shows a Soldier going through the fire warden workshop how to put out a fire.  Payton offers advice and experience to the Soldiers going through the class in order to prepare them to go back to their units and help prevent fires.

Screenshot_007 Firefighter Dan Gilespie teaches a fire warden workshop. The class is designed to certify Soldiers as fire wardens and liaisons between their unit and the FOB fire department.


Locals lead ISF to cache near Samarra

TIKRIT – A local citizen directed IA and NP officers to a weapons cache located in the side of a berm near a suspected AQI safe house in Mukayshifah, just north of Samarra, June 6.
The find is the latest in a series of cache discoveries in the greater Samarra area over the past 40 days.
ISF and CF located 19 weapons caches during the first 16 days in May, and just a few days prior, a massive cache consisting of more than 300 rockets in a 40 ft. well in the al-Jazeera Desert west of the city.
“The close cooperation of the local citizens leading Coalition and Iraqi SF to cache sites cannot be overstated,” said Lt. Col. Thomas Hauerwas, EO for the 1st BCT, 101st Abn Div. “The only way we locate these caches is from the info received from the people in the area.”


IA soldiers continue seizing caches in Sadr City

BAGHDAD – IA soldiers uncovered 5 weapons caches in Sadr City, Baghdad, June 7.
The IA and  along with Soldiers serving with the 2nd BCT, 101st Abn Div (AASLT), seized 5 82 mm mortar rounds in the Kadhamiyah district of Baghdad.
After receiving a tip from an Iraqi citizen, Soldiers with the 2nd Stryker BCT, 25th Inf Div, discovered 3 homemade explosive devices with washing machine timers northwest of Baghdad.


Haditha Special Weapons and Tactics team captures suspected terrorist

BAGHDAD – Haditha SWAT team captured a suspected terrorist in their location, approximately 203 km northwest of Baghdad, June 6.  The man was reportedly a member of an IED cell.  One additional suspect was detained.


Gulf Region South Engineers visit, assess health clinic in Az Zubayr

BASRA – Gulf Region South Corps of Engineers conducted a walk-through at a health clinic in Az Zubayr, Iraq June 7.  Bruno Himmler, U.S. Embassy Health Attaché to the Iraqi Ministry of Health, traveled with the GRS Engineers to see how the building was holding up and how it was being utilized.  Though the facility was closed for the day as part of its normal hours of op, Himmler and GRS Engineers could see the building has been holding up well since being turned over to the GoI more than a year ago.
The pharmacy was stocked with medications and there were boxes of supplies labeled as being from the Ministry of Health.

Screenshot_008 Bruno Himmler conducts a walk-through at the health clinic.  Construction was completed on the clinic more than 12 months ago by Iraqi firms working with the Gulf Region South Corps of Engineers. The walk-through was done to see how the building is holding up over time.


Iraqi Army nets large weapons haul

BASRA – IA soldiers netted a large haul of weapons and ammo in ops across Basra and in the nearby town of Az Zubayr, June 6.
In more than a 24-hour period, 330 mortar rounds, 104 small arms, 20 hand grenades, 72 rockets, 3 rocket launchers and 17 RPGs were seized.  Also seized were 37 various IEDs.
At the same time, IP were able to secure a truck-load of mortar and artillery shells discovered in previous weeks.
The ops were a sign of how the continuing confidence from the success of Op Charge of The Knights is still paying security dividends to the people of Basra.
“This op was 100% planned by the IA, and though the UK MiTT teams were present, there was no requirement for them to get involved,” said Capt. Chris Ford, a spokesman for the MND-SE). “For MND-SE, this is enormously gratifying as it shows the Division we are mentoring and who we trained on urban ops are able to take ops right from the planning stage all the way through execution successfully.”
Since the beginning of Charge of the Knights, Iraqi SF have seized more than 4,000 mortar rounds, more than 600 rockets and more than 1,500 small arms.


Iraqi Security Forces discover six caches

BASRA – Iraqi SF found 6 caches containing more than 100 rockets, 200 mortars, 60 anti-aircraft rockets, 3
launchers, 30 IEDs, 90 AK-47 Assault Rifles, 20 grenades, 10 RPGs and various other weapons during raids in Basra, June 6.


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