Help Needed for Hospitality Room for Servicemembers at Syracuse Intl Airport

Here’s the problem in a nutshell.

Many servicemembers switch through Syracuse “Hancock International Airport” on their way to and from their duty stations.  Many times they are marooned for hours at that airport after facilities close down at 8 or 9pm and don’t reopen until 7am the following morning.  During those long hours there is no way for them to get a cup of coffee, a bottle of water, or a place to sit and watch TV.

Having observed this happen on numerous occasions, veterans who work at the airport resolved to remedy the situation.

Their story is here.

If you can help out with a donation to help stock the new hospitality room please:

  1. Make out a check to:  “The Marine Corps League“, and please make an entry into the “memo” line in the lower left of your check, “Airport Project”.
  2. Mail Your check to:
    Loren Davies
    Emerald City Detachment #877
    Marine Corps League
    P.O. Box 393
    Chittenango, New York 13037

Any and all assistance will be appreciated!

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