Victory in Iraq is Nigh!

Michael Yon, the former green beret turned independent war correspondent, makes this prediction based upon his experience in Iraq and the evidence that continuing and increasing operations of the Iraq government and army as well as our own forces are rapidly turning the tide against the enemy.

His book, Moment of Truth in Iraq, paves the way for this view by laying out his experiences while embedded with our troops over the past several years.  Drawing upon that background and viewing the current progress he states:

Now the truth is that Iraq is showing real progress on many fronts:  Al Qaeda is being defeated and violence is down and continuing to decrease.  As a result, the militias have lost their reason for existence and are getting beaten back or co-opted.  Shia, Sunni and Kurds are coming together — although with various stresses — under the national government.  If progress continues at this rate, it is very possible that before 2008 is out, we can finally say “the war has ended.”

Read the whole thing here.

Let’s not get too cocky just yet, but if Al Qaeda and their allies who want to destabilize Iraq are unable to mount any major offensives before the U.S. election in November then the odds are that they are done.

I’m hoping and praying that Michael is correct, but I long ago quit counting my chickens before they hatch.


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