Taking “Hometown, USA” by Storm

Threatening weather (and no reports of moonbats planning on being present) did not deter Eagles contingents from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from getting to West Point (Highland Falls, NY) early today to prepare for a day of welcoming our graduates and their families and providing support against any moonbat presence that might develop.

We arrived to find members of the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce already placing small flags along the roadside at Memorial Park, the same area the moonbats had placed their flag draped coffins last year. They welcomed us with open arms and we set about getting our flags set up and deploying the crane truck with the 60′ flag over the roadway. As more eagles arrived they joined the flag line along West Point Highway.

Eventually some moonbat stragglers showed up and stood forlornly on the opposite side of the road trading barbs with eagles until the police put a cap on unnecessary noise! Jim B adeptly handled moonbat diplomacy and education. He had lots of able help!

An Army Huey helicopter circled overhead several times during the day and waved to us below.

The standoff continued as our ranks swelled with eagles and townsfolk who came out to join us. Finally the moonbats decided to do a march to the gates of West Point. Their parade (all 20 or so of them) started marching down the highway as some of our eagles hopped into vehicles and drove to join the eagles already manning the traffic island in from of the gate. The moonbats were turned around, just as they were last year, before they reached West Point and marched back down Main Street to resume their position across the road from Memorial Park.

They repeated this empty symbolic gesture one more time so that anyone who hadn’t gotten their fill of laughing at the pathetic performance would have a second opportunity. Then they started fading away by ones and twos back under whatever rocks they crawled out from to begin with.

Carolyn had the premiere of her “Burqha” street theater show, unfortunately I was at the other end of the park and missed out on it. I’ll try to get a review for you soon.

The graduates and their families were wildly appreciative of our presence throughout the day with many blowing their horns and giving thumbs up as they drove by. I can’t say enough about how well the townspeople treated us, providing sodas and snacks, laying out the small flags around the park, providing a great sound system and DJ to play patriotic music, and standing the line with us holding flags and waving to the passing families.

It was a hugely successful day. Except for a fifteen minute period or so of light drizzle, all the major and severe thunderstorms that had been predicted stayed away. We out numbered, out maneuvered and out performed the moonbats by any measure possible. No memorials or flags were defaced with posters or stickers. We made new friends and allies in town and we received invitations to attend the next two major events in Highland Falls.

Special Thanks and mention are due to Mike for bringing the crane truck and deploying the large flag. Robert for buying coffee and donuts for the early arrivers. Bobbie and the men and women of the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce for decorating the park with flags, balloons and a wooden cadet. Mayor Joe for standing with us holding a flag and inviting us to the upcoming festivities.

But, Wait!

You didn’t think we would do just one event in a day did you? Especially since we had not doled out our full measure of anti-moonbattery on the pathetic few in Highland Falls! Nope. Afterwards we went to two different locations; Poughkeepsie and Nanuet where moonbats are present every Saturday!

My pictures of Highland Falls are here.

Pamela’s pictures are here.

Jim’s pictures are here.

Some Videos are:

Leftists Donate to Charity

No Leftist protest is complete without a “9/11 Was An Inside Job” contingent

Corporate Logo “American” Flag Explained

Pamela’s videos are here.

Jim’s videos:

Eagles meet the Mayor of Highland Falls

Path’s report on the day at Nanuet is available here.


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