Calverton National Cemetery Flag Placing 2008

This is a guest report from Alicia who assisted with the placing of flags marking the graves of veterans at Calverton National Cemetery here on Long Island.

Today Bernie, Eva, Bryan, Fran and I went to Calverton to place flags at the graves.  It was such an awesome experience.  It was so amazing to see everyone placing the flags and to see so many children there.  Today, it was not only a place were people grieve, but it was almost a happy place.  Seeing all the children smiling and happy reminded me of what these people fought for, our future.  I am confident they were all at peace today, grateful that so many remembered what they had done and seeing all those children, I am sure they were looking down with smiles on their faces as well. I was overwhelmed seeing so many graves…and these people are just a small portion of all of those who have served.  I attached some pictures only because everyone knows about Arlington National Cemetery and we often forget the one right near us.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

This is the type of volunteer effort to honor our heroes that often goes unreported in the main stream media.

Thank you, Alicia, and everyone that participated in making this Memorial Day as outstanding as it deserves to be.

Alicia’s pictures are here.


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