Troop Scoop 5/24/2008

Troop Scoop

Posted: 24 May 2008 07:26 AM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
Major story of over 140 criminals turning themselves over to the Iraqi Special Forces.  Iraqis celebrate opening of a govt. center, and a small-arms repair facility, while C Co medics train with Iraqi medics.  A high ranking AQI is captured in Mosul, as well as another AQI intel cell leader and many members of his group in Bakubah.  Huge weapons caches are seized, and many more criminals killed or captured.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

May 23, 2008

Over 140 Suspected Criminals turn themselves over to ISF

BALAD – More than 140 suspected criminals turned themselves into the Joint Coordination Center in the city of Balad, May 22.  Three tribal leaders from the area ended their standoff with U.S. and Iraqi forces by bringing in all men under their influence who have a criminal history.
“Today’s reconciliation is an example of local leaders taking a broad step forward in the future security and in the legitimacy of the legal process,” said Maj. Ramiro Salazar, an EO of 1st BCT, 101st Abn Div. “This is the first step of initiating the process for reconciliation with the GoI, as well as Iraqi SF and CF.”
The mass reconciliation comes on the heels of several ops designed to put an end to the insurgency that has crippled the area since 2006. The ops targeted key individuals and peripheral fighters resulting in 3 key individuals being killed. According to CF, the news of these individuals’ deaths prompted fighters in the area to give up their arms and contact local SF to surrender.
One local sheik taking part with the other members of his tribe said, “We are tired of fighting and want peace.”


Hillah Special Weapons and Tactics team captures terrorist in Mosul

BALAD – An Iraqi SWAT team captured a high ranking AQI leader in Mosul, May 21.
The Ministry of Interior issued an arrest warrant for the man they believe leads a large contingent of AQI, and is responsible for IED attacks against Iraqi and CF in Mosul.  One additional suspect, also on an MOI warrant, was arrested and confessed to committing IED attacks against CF.


Officials Celebrate Habbaniyah Government Center Groundbreaking

HABBANIYAH, ANBAR PROVINCE – “This is a step in the right direction; a place for people to go
if they need help from their govt,” Hussein, the Mayor of Habbaniyah, said.  “We are all very grateful for the hard work that everyone has put into these projects, as well as the help that we have received from the Marines in improving the area.”
Among those in attendance were Lt Col Francis Charlonis, bn cmdr. of 2d Bn, 24th Marines, whose area
of ops includes Habbaniyah.
During the groundbreaking, Mayor Hussein announced the awarding of several contracts to local nationals that will result in improvements in basic services and infrastructure in the greater Habbaniyah area.
Khalidiyah will also host 2 new courthouses (one for criminal cases, the other for civil action and other matters), as well as a new IP station, serving as the area’s anchor for law enforcement and jurisprudence.
Renovations are also being planned for the Khalidiyah Water Treatment Facility as part of efforts to improve the area’s delivery of basic services by the city in partnership with Fox Company.
“The people here have long expressed improvements in water and other critical infrastructure,” said Major Guillermo Rosales, comm. officer of Co F, who are working closely with Iraqi SF in Husaybah, Jazeera and Habbaniyah to achieve Provincial Iraqi Control.


Small-arms repair facility dedicated at Taji National Depot


Lt. Gen. James Dubik (right), the comm. gen. of MN Security Transition Command-Iraq, gestures to Dr.  al-Rubaie, the Iraqi national security advisor,  to assist him in cutting a red ribbon, thus signifying the grand opening of the Small Arms Repair Facility located at the Taji National Depot here May 21. “This facility is a sign that the Iraqi Army is getting better and better,” said al-Rubaie. “We are taking responsibility for ourselves.”


An IA Soldier trains on small-arms repair inside the state-of-the-art Small Arms Repair Facility. This facility is the first of 20 new sustainment-type facilities slated to be built over the upcoming year. “It’s exciting to see the progress,” said Lt. Col. Mark Meyer, the senior advisor, logistics military advisory team. “I can remember this building with no roof and now it’s a brand-new facility.”


Baqubah SWAT team captures 15 terrorists, detains 14

BALAD –  In the al-Naghar village of Baqubah, approx. 50 km northeast of Baghdad, May 20, Baquba ISWAT conducted the op to capture cell leaders and members of AQI and ISI.
A leader of an AQI intel cell and 4 cell members were among those captured.  Numerous other fighters and support personnel were detained including an ISI leader from the Mullah Eid area.  Several vehicles were seized from the location and destroyed.
The AQI in the al-Naghar village are responsible for emplacing IEDs and conducting attacks against local SoI and Iraqi and CF.


Charlie Med trains with Iraqi Army medics


A medic with Co. C, 307th Bde Special Troops Bn, 1st BCT, 82nd Abn Div helps an IA medic apply a sling on another IA medic with a simulated wound.  Medics with Co. C “Witch Doctors” trained IA medics in basic combat life savor skills at Camp Mittica, May 20. This is part of the ongoing training the 307th BSB has been conducting with the IA. The 307th BSB has conducted everything from vehicle maintenance training to medical training in the 11 months they have been here.


A medic with C Co. 307th BSB gives an IA medic the thumbs up after inspecting a sling the IA medic applied on another IA medic with a simulated wound.


MND-B Soldiers detain suspected criminals in Abu T’shir

FOB FALCON –  At 2 a.m. May 21 in the Abu T’shir neighborhood of southern Baghdad, Soldiers from the 2nd Bn, 4th Inf Regt, attached to the 1st BCT, 4th ID, detained a known criminal allegedly responsible for killing innocent Iraqi citizens, planting IEDs and launching indirect fire onto CF bases.  Two others were detained and are allegedly affiliated with the known criminal.


Air assault mission disrupts terrorist activity, establishes relationships with Iraqi citizens

Kirkuk – Soldiers with the 1st Bde, 10th Mtn Div, conducted an air assault mission May 11-13 designed to disrupt terrorist activity and establish relationships with local citizens.
Working alongside members of the IA, the 1st Bde. cordoned the village of Garhaf Gharzan, located in
the Kirkuk Province of northeastern Iraq, and began thorough searches for weapons and terrorist activity while consulting with the local citizens for any info they were willing to give.
“Those who conduct attacks against the Americans and Iraqis are a small part of our people, and they don’t represent the collective voice of our country,” said Gharzan villager Muhammed, who was more than willing to cooperate with the Soldiers.
The 1st Bde. are determined to continue similar missions along with the IA to prove that they will have
a lasting presence in the area, which will provide a sense of security for the local citizens while putting pressure on the terrorist cells.
“Our goal is to put constant pressure on terrorist forces in the area, letting them know that is no safe haven for them,” said Capt. Blake Witherell, a co. cmdr. in 1st Bde. “The IA continues to prove their resolve in their fight, demonstrating their capability to push onward with the fight even after our forces have left the country.”


Staff Sgt. Travis Spade, with the 2nd Bn, 22nd Inf Regt, 1st Bde asks an Iraqi citizen about terrorist activity.


ISF, MND-B Soldiers take deadly weapons off streets of Baghdad

BAGHDAD – May 21 in Baghdad, Soldiers from 4th BCT, 10th Mtn Div, found a weapons cache at approx. 12:05 p.m. in the Kamaliya area of New Baghdad.  Soldiers discovered 16 mortar charges; 26 shotgun
shells; a RPG launcher scope; an RPG round and 35, 5.56mm rounds.
At approx. 1:30 p.m. in Kadhamiyah, IA Soldiers found a 155mm artillery round rigged to be used as an IED; an RPG round; 5 AK-47s; a 60mm mortar tube with bipod; 1,000 7.62mm rounds and several electric components.
A SoI member alerted Soldiers from 4th BCT, about a weapons cache in the Umar area of Rusafa at approx. 1:30 p.m.  The Soldiers seized 3 60mm mortar rounds; 2 82mm mortar rounds; an RPG launcher with an RPG attached; an AK-47 and 2 fuses.
At approx. 2 p.m. in the Karkh district, IA Soldiers found a vehicle rigged with more than 80 pounds of explosives to be used as a car bomb. The IA Soldiers cordoned off the area to safeguard innocent locals. The car detonated 15 minutes later, apparently as a result of terrorists realizing that the IA had discovered the vehicle they were planning to use to kill innocent Iraqis. No one was injured as a result of the explosion.
Soldiers from 2nd Stryker BCT, 25th ID, found 2 Katusha rockets and 2 rocket tubes west of Baghdad at approx. 5 p.m.



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