AAR Jones Beach Airshow v. Code Pinkos

We came, we saw, we triumphed!

Some very irate moonbats stormed away from Jones Beach on Saturday after Eagles warned the unwary visitors to the Memorial Day weekend Airshow that treasonous misfits were disrespecting our fallen heroes.  Eagles preceded the moonbats down the boardwalk, educating the many people there as to the disrespect the anti-war crowd were showing to our fallen heroes, their families and to America.

Whenever they stopped to read the names, they were surrounded by a cacaphony of shouts “Shame on You!”.

Another IVAW fraud was outed by Chaplain Dez after he claimed to be a sergeant in the U.S. Army, yet could not tell her his MOS.  Fraud and deceit are the stock in trade of the entire anti-war movement and goes hand in glove with their policy of using the names of our fallen heroes for their own craven political theater even when asked by gold star families (who have lost a loved one) to stop using those names.

At one point an amazing increase in volume of prerecorded music from a recruiter vehicle helped drown out the moonbat litany and saved our voices for their next stop.  At another stop they read the name of the son of a gold star father, Mo Fletcher, who was with us.  When I turned to him he made a single comment “They aren’t fit to lick his boots”.

By the end of their parade they had gained exactly zero converts and had been booed, birded and looked upon with scorn  by the vast majority of those who saw them.

When the hapless moonbats abandoned the field of action the Eagles finally got to watch the great airshow already in progress!

A winning day all around!

Here are links to Pamela’s outstanding photos:

Early pictures when we first set up at the beach.

Parade of Moonbat Traitors

Airshow Static displays

Airshow aerial performances

News12 Long Island covered the event and gave us surprisingly good coverage.  It has been airing every hour at about ten past the hour tonight.  As soon as I have a link to the video I will post it here.


  1. 9-11 Patriot

    LI Members of GoE,

    I applaud your dedication out on Long Island to serving our Veterans by ensuring that their names are not slandered in the name of “Peace” by those old crazy old ladies in pink! However, I must encourage you to do some research before posting -slightly uninformed- articles such as this one. The Army Sergeant whom Chaplain Dez addressed is in fact a Veteran of five years of service to active duty Army. His name is Matthis Chiroux, and his face and story is posted on the ivaw.org main page. The other Veteran, another member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, is Sergeant Kristofer Goldsmith. Both have had their service records verified by Congress and Kris has even testified before the Progressive Caucus.

    What I’m getting at is the Moonbats may use articles like this against us in an attempt to prove that we (I say this as if I’m already GoE) are ignorant and don’t tirelessly research our claims and opinions before making them available to the public.

    I would encourage all readers to research the outrageous testimonies by Sergeant Kristofer Goldsmith, who was part of the Winter Soldier: Eyewitness Accounts of Iraq and Afghanistan and understand where this misled young patriot is coming from. I witnessed GoE members expressing their views towards the two young Veterans as Traitors, but don’t get me wrong, as a witness (and not yet a member of GoE) I did notice that our side didn’t bring out any Iraq Veterans. After a female (I believe?) Chaplain Dez denounced the members of Code Pink as “communists, and socialists, and terrorist sympathizers….” Goldsmith (who spent a year in Iraq and has the pictures to prove it) produced a brand new Veterans Affairs Card with his name and picture on it and yelled “…and Veterans, and Soldiers!” From an objective point of view, I’d say that made us look more like we’re the ones who aren’t supporting the troops.

    So, my friendly constructive criticism to my Comrades who know how important this War on Terror is: Research and even contact the Veterans that Code Pink used on Memorial Day. Perhaps they feel lost and alone, and need to be reassured that the time they spent overseas was for the good of our country… A country which no longer seems to support their sacrifices. They, Long Island Veterans of the War on Terror, will make better allies then enemies… and we, the Proud Patriots who swear to protect them, should attempt to hold them close before isolating them and forcing them to run into the bosom of the Code Pink Ladies.

    -Long Island Vet

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