AAR Coast Guard Academy 2008

It was a wonderful day at the Coast Guard Academy. We arrived a tad late to find the perennially early Vermonters already present and established on the high ground. We quickly set up our own flags to complement theirs and their banner and got right to work cheering and waving to the parents and graduates entering the Academy for their graduation. I couldn’t count the number of thumbs up and thank yous we received from the buses, cars and passersby.

Later a group of moonbats marched up the road and took up their position across the entrance on the narrow strip of land we held last year. They tried to maintain silence (after all it was supposed to be a silent vigil) but Jim, Larry and Rob managed to goad them into breaking that several times which were quickly met with a roar of “Silence!” from Carolyn, Ron and others. It was hilarious to watch them stew when that happened! Hey, they wrote their rules of engagement and they suffered for it.

Then they tried to do a little street theater. Honestly, they need many more acting lessons and someone with a clue as a director. There was no one who would have understood what they were trying to present unless they were as intimately familiar with moonbat paradigms as we have become from seeing them so many times. It was, frankly, a pathetic effort, and in the worst sin against drama, boring!

When the last moonbats marched away in their silent procession we thankfully packed our gear and headed out to the highlight of the day, the wonderful lunch Ted treated us to!

For Pamela’s wonderful pictures go here and here.

For her videos go here.

For pictures of the victory lunch go here.


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