Media Ignores Petraeus Report to Congress

Did you know LT GEN Ray Odierno and GEN David Petraeus appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday in Washington, DC? Neither did most people because the MSM ignored the briefings designed to promote the generals, Odierno to Multi-National Force-Iraq commander and Petraeus to CENTCOM commander as they sought approval for those positions before the Senate committee. Both were nominated by President Bush.

The MSM had good reason for not covering the hearings, which weren’t even live on C-Span. The news from both commanders about progress and security in Iraq are irrefutable and contradict the logic for withdrawal that has been flaunted by Democrats for the past several years and we all know how liberals in the media want this war to end.  Even Democrats on the committee were docile, agreeable and non-confrontational. Violence in Iraq is at a 4 year low. B-O-R-I-N-G.  The Obama/Clinton campaign fiasco is so much more important than how the troops everyone supposedly supports are doing in combat.

Luckily Amy Proctor attended and reported on the whole thing here.

The media is NOT on our side in this war.


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