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Posted: 23 May 2008 03:40 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
Security improves greatly in Ninawa, and Basra is now the new city of hope.  A successful air assault captures the senior and mid-level AQI leaders in Mullah Eid area.  Iraqi firemen train in first aid and vehicle maintenance.  Huge weapons caches uncovered, and criminals captured or killed.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

May 22, 2008

Security improves in Ninawa

TIKRIT – Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling, cmdr of Task Force Iron and MND-North, spoke at a press conference about the positive outcomes of the Iraqi-led and Coalition-supported ops focused on AQI and other terrorist threats in the Ninawa province, May 21.
Since May 10, the Ninawa Ops Command reports the detention of over 1,200 individuals. Many of them were mid-level or proclaimed senior level leaders of AQI, the ISI, Ansar al-Sunna, Nasqabandi and other terrorist groups.  Attacks in the Ninawa province have significantly decreased since the beginning of ops.
Iraqi Soldiers  and the 3rd ACR and the 1st ID CAB, joined by the Iraqi NP, Iraqi Border Patrol Forces, the Iraqi Air Force, Iraqi and U.S. SOF, and a variety of other organizations, have worked together to rid Ninawa of terrorist activity.
Together, these elements under Iraqi leadership, have significantly affected the capabilities of terrorist and criminal organizations in Mosul and the Ninawa Province.  The people of Ninawa are encouraged by the actions of the IP and IA, but are also encouraged by the actions of the GoI in fighting threats to their security.


Iraqi Security Forces seize munitions during Sadr City operation

BAGHDAD – May 21, at approx. 7:50 a.m., IA Soldiers seized 2 RPGs and a 155 mm artillery round.
At approx. 9 a.m., IA Soldiers discovered a weapons cache containing 100 home-made grenades.  And at approx. 9:30 a.m., IA Soldiers  seized an IED made from a 155 mm artillery round.


Air assault nets 29 suspected terrorists

TIKRIT  – An air assault utilizing Coalition UH-60 Black Hawks ended with the detention of 29 suspects with ties to AQI, May 20, including the senior and mid-level AQI leaders in the Mullah Eid area.
Several Black Hawks belonging to 3rd Assault Helicopter Bn, 1st Aviation Regt, inserted Iraqi SWAT and U.S. SF Soldiers into a village, located 16 km northeast of Baghdad.


UH-60 Black Hawks filled with Iraqi and American Soldiers return to base after an air assault in northern Iraq.


National Police detain four in operation

COP CASHE – May 20, the Jisr Diyala detentions, approx. 16 km southeast of Baghdad, were made after the NP received a tip leading to the locations of the suspects.  The 4 detainees had outstanding warrants for terrorist activities.
“This is only the beginning,” said IA 1st Lt. Dhafur, an intel officer with the 3rd Bde. “We hope to continue this success as we continue ops in the Jisr Diyala area.”


Tip leads MND-C Soldiers to huge cache

CAMP VICTORY – A local sheik, informed by a SoI member, gave a tip to CF, leading them to a huge munitions cache approx. 13 km south of Baghdad, May 21.
Soldiers from 3rd BCT, 101st Abn Div (AASLT), retrieved the cache containing 268, 57 mm mortar rounds;
2, 82 mm mortars and 4, 107 mm rocket casings.
None of the rounds were serviceable, but they could have been alternately used as IEDs.


Firemen practice first aid and maintain vehicles


A 1st BCT Soldier waits at the entrance of FOB Danger, for the arrival of Tikrit’s Fire Dept. members, May 19. Soldiers reiterated the importance of first aid and vehicle maintenance with the firemen.


An Iraqi Fireman supports the head of a Task Force Iron Soldier that is acting as a casualty while a Soldier explains the process of assessing a casualty.  Constant first aid training is vital in preparing the firemen for execution if needed while responding to an emergency.


An Iraqi Fireman supports the head of a Task Force Iron Soldier, while proper rolling of the casualty is taught.


Basra is now new city of hope

By Capt. Penny N. Zamora

BASRA – A sense of calm prevails in Basra as Iraqi forces continue to walk the streets.  Since the beginning of Op Charge of the Knights March 25, citizens have embraced the IA presence as humanitarian aide continues alongside its clean up and reconstruction efforts.
Since the initial push to rid the region of criminal elements, searches have resulted in the discovery of more than 2,700 mortar rounds, 650 rockets, 10 surface to air missiles, 130 RPG rounds, and 160 RPG launchers.
More and more citizens of Basra are approaching the IA and Iraqi SF to identify cache locations.
There have been 5 cooperative medical engagements within several communities of Basra.  In Tannumah, bilingual bicultural advisors, former Iraqi citizens who are now Americans, provided much needed medical care and coaching mentorship to the community providers.
The overwhelming response resulted in more than 550 patients treated and more than ten patients identified to receive extended care through the National Iraqi Assistance Center.
In Hyyaniyah, the 1st IA led a medical civil action program, at the Al Risala public health clinic, treating more than 400 patients with its surgeon and a staff of 10 medics. CF assisted with a joint cooperative planning session and the procurement of supplies.
“This is the model, and the way ahead, of how we want to win the hearts and minds within the Iraqi theater of ops,” said Maj. Raymond J. Jablonka, Medical Ops officer, MNC-Iraq.
“Future agricultural ops are underway in the Calf Fattening project. CF have provided a facility to house
cattle and to train farmers to look at techniques to better the quality of cattle for meat and dairy purposes,” said UK Royal Navy Lt. Shatadeep Chatterjee, the Joint Civil Military Ops, Agriculture and Water Sector officer.
The Basra Law Academy Library building is complete and awaiting opening ceremonies soon.
The IA and ISF led ops, with CF assisting, have brought a new peace to the region of Basra in southern Iraq.


Suspected IED maker detained in al-Wahida

FOB HAMMER – Early on May 19, Using information from a tip provided by a local citizen, CF comprised of Georgian soldiers and U.S. Soldiers from the 2nd BCT, 1st Armored Div., conducted the successful mission. Al-Wahida is approx. 25 km southeast of Baghdad.
The detainee is believed to be involved in an IED attack that killed 2 Georgian soldiers earlier this month.
“No longer will this cell leader be able to order attacks and move weapons across Iraq.  His networks are rendered ineffective and the people of al-Wahida will be safer because of his capture,” said Capt. Don Makay, Task Force Petro cmdr.


MND-B Soldiers find separate caches in Rashid

BAGHDAD – May 20, Soldiers from 1st BCT, 4th ID, received a tip from a concerned Iraqi citizen and seized a cache at approx. 4 p.m. in the Jihad community, consisting of an EFP, a dozen EFP shell casings and assorted EFP-making materials. The Soldiers detained 5 suspects who own the house where the cache was seized.
At approx. 4:30 p.m., Soldiers from 10th Cav Regt, 1st BCT, acted on a tip from a previous op and seized 81mm and 60mm mortar rounds.
Another unit attached to the 1st BCT, discovered an abandoned vehicle with a weapons cache inside, consisting of a RPG with launcher, more than 500 feet of shock tube and a mortar fuse.


Iraqi Army Soldiers find multiple IEDs in Sadr City

BAGHDAD – IA Soldiers found multiple IEDs and other munitions during the initial stages of Op Peace
in Sadr City May 20.
IA Soldiers discovered 27 IEDs while clearing the streets of Sadr City throughout the day. They also discovered a Katusha rocket firing base and multiple lengths of wire, 3 152 mm mortar rounds and 2 155 mm mortar rounds.


Iraqi National Police discover large cache

BAGHDAD – Iraqi NP discovered a large weapons cache in the Kadamiyah district of Baghdad, May 21.
The cache contained approx. 50 AK-47s, approx. 40 AK-47 magazines, an unknown rifle, an SKS sub-machinegun, a couple unknown handguns, bullet-proof vests, spools of wire with blasting caps, smoke grenades, approx. 200 miscellaneous fuses and approx. 2,000 7.62mm rounds.


Did you know LT GEN Ray Odierno and GEN David Petraeus appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday in Washington, DC? Neither did most people because the MSM ignored the briefings designed to promote the generals, Odierno to Multi-National Force-Iraq commander and Petraeus to CENTCOM commander as they sought approval for those positions before the Senate committee. Both were nominated by President Bush.

The MSM had good reason for not covering the hearings, which weren’t even live on C-Span. The news from both commanders about progress and security in Iraq are irrefutable and contradict the logic for withdrawal that has been flaunted by Democrats for the past several years and we all know how liberals in the media want this war to end.  Even Democrats on the committee were docile, agreeable and non-confrontational. Violence in Iraq is at a 4 year low. B-O-R-I-N-G.  The Obama/Clinton campaign fiasco is so much more important than how the troops everyone supposedly supports are doing in combat.

Luckily Amy Proctor attended and reported on the whole thing here.

The media is NOT on our side in this war.

The Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall has been assembled and is open to visitors at Seneca Lake State Park in Geneva, NY, for Memorial Day weekend.  Admission is free and will be open 24 hours a day through Monday.

What: Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall

Where: Seneca Lake State Park, 1 Lakefront Drive (Route 5 & 20), Geneva, NY


When: May 23 through May 26, 2008.

  • Grand opening ceremony Friday, May 23, 6pm.
  • Memorial Day Ceremony Saturday, May 24, 11am (Military Flyover).
  • Candlelight Service Sunday, May 25, 9pm.
  • Closing Ceremony Monday, May 26, 6pm.

This 240-foot, 3/4 scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. is a powerful experience. It teaches us the cost of freedom, inspiring our respect for those who defend it.