Code Pink Mothers Day “Peace-Nik” in Washington DC

John Lilyea of “This Ain’t Hell” covered the Code Pink Mother’s Day “Peace-Nik” in Washington, DC, today.

Poor Susie Benjamin and her minions were hard pressed to muster thirty or a few more misfits to stage their little shindig and they didn’t get anywhere near the White House.  John has excellent photos to go with his outstanding reporting here.

The money quote from Gathering of Eagles’ perspective is in his final paragraph:

The anti-war movement is coming undone. They’re unable to announce their events in a timely manner anymore without being countered. Their members are losing interest and their antics turn off more people than they can attract. They claim to have the support of the American people, but the reality is that they don’t. In a city with more than 30,000 college students, they couldn’t get any of them out for their lame showing. This “peace-nik” was nothing more than pan handling – and they were probably out numbered by the regular panhandlers in DuPont Circle today.

Hehehe.  I may even have to send a condolence card to Susie!



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