The Al Sharpton/Sean Bell Protests in NYC 5/7/2008

This is a bit off our beaten path, but one of our intrepid photographers made the rounds of two Al Sharpton instigated Sean Bell protests yesterday and filed these visual reports:

First up were the marchers at Bloomingdales. I have no idea what Bloomingdales has to do with anything. I guess it is supposed to be symbolic. This one was for the upper class wannabe radicals. Be sure to read the captions.


Then the scene shifts to Police Plaza where the hardcore radicals come out to play.

Photos. (Read the Captions)

Videos and more Videos.

The interesting thing to me is that the same cast of characters who seek to demoralize our troops seem to take part in every protest in this town. They’re like Protesters’R’Us or something. Pathetic. I’ll leave you with one photo as an example. Thank you, Pamela, for subjecting yourself to all this so we wouldn’t have to!

For a good written report on the proceedings read this.


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