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Iraqi soldiers are standing proud in Basra one month after launching a surprise offensive to wipe out murderous gangs of Shia militants that had been allowed to flourish under Britain’s watch.

Written by Deborah Haynes, the Baghdad Correspondent for The Times (of London). She first reported on Iraq in 2004, covering the deteriorating security situation and the evolving political process.  This is a boots on the ground report from Basra.

Read the whole thing here.

The Patriot Guard Riders have a confirmed mission this Sunday, April 27th, and request anyone who can assist to stand a flag line outside the funeral home in Sag Harbor from 2-9pm.  The more people who can respond to take shifts the better they will be able to cover the seven hours.

Who: Patriot Guard Riders New York Region 9

What: Funeral for Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter, USMC, KIA Iraq 4/22/2008.

Where: 1. Riders from Nassau and Western Suffolk counties should meet in Macy’s Shopping Center in Hampton Bays  (NW corner of Montauk Hwy and Rt 24) at 12:30.  Depart for funeral home at 1:15pm.

2.  Yardley & Pino Funeral Home, 91 Hampton St., Sag Harbor, NY, 2-9pm.

Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter was killed Tuesday by a bomb in the Ramadi province. He was 19. He was hailed as a hero Friday for firing a shot that diverted the suicide bomber who killed him from other Marines nearby, relatives said.

More here.

THE US war in Iraq has strengthened its strategic position, especially in terms of key alliances, and the only way this could be reversed would be if it lost the will to continue the struggle and abandoned Iraq in defeat and disarray.

Greg Sheridan of the Australian writes an interesting and insightful analysis of a report by Mike Green, former Asia Director at the National Security Council and current Japan chair at Washington’s Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

Read the whole thing here.

Then read Muchelle Malkin’s post on this here.

Especially read through her applications of these lessons to the Western Hemisphere, in particular, Colombia.   She links to an excellent article by James Baker III (of whom I am not a big fan) who hits the nail on the head.

Dan Maloney

Wounded Warrior Program Speech

Chester Middle School, Chester, NY, recognizes students who apply extraordinary effort to raise their grades by 10 or more points every marking period. The Bringing Up Grades (BUGS) program also recognizes those students who maintain a straight “A” average. This semester’s student assembly will include a guest speaker from the Wounded Warrior Project, an Introduction and the National Anthem by VFW Post 4662 from Warwick, NY, and the MIA/POW Flag and Missing Man Ceremony by Rolling Thunder NY Chapter 3 from Newburgh, NY.

Who: Chester Middle School PTSA and Kiwanis

What: Student Assembly and BUGS award presentation
Where: Chester Middle School, 64 Hambletonian Ave., Chester, NY 10918


When: Tuesday, June 17, 2008. 10am – 2pm

Raindate: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Contact: Ernest Jackson, Principal, 845-469-2231

Troop Scoop 4/25/2008

Troop Scoop



Posted: 25 Apr 2008 04:10 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
There is an encouraging story of a prominent Sheik thanking the American troops and the IA for making Doura safer, and for projects to help for a better life.  Over 40 reconstruction projects are ongoing in Basra, while around the Baghdad area,  insurgents and criminals are being neutralized.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 25, 2008

Coalition forces cordon-and-knock operation in Mosul


Spc. Tracey Collins with the 1st Bn, 8th Inf Regt knocks on the gate to a home during a cordon-and-knock op in Mosul, April 21.


Spc. Martin Cerrillos moves to enter a structure.


Sgt. Eric Lee waits to enter a structure.


Pvt. Terrence Colsen clears the hallway of an apt. building, while Sgt. Eric Lee provides rear security.


Spc. Robert Roadcap moves to a new location.


MNF-W soldiers kill 6 insurgents

CAMP FALLUJAH – MNF-West soldiers engaged insurgents north of Lake Thar Thar, April 23 following the mounted pursuit of 2 suspected enemy vehicles.
During the pursuit, which occurred at approx. 7:40 a.m., soldiers assigned to a MNF-W task force were engaged by insurgents with small-arms fire and grenades.  The brief chase ended as the lead enemy vehicle stopped. The enemy continued their attack as the second vehicle sped away. The soldiers returned fire, killing 6 insurgents and destroying their truck.


MND-B Soldiers kill 3 criminals in separate engagements

BAGHDAD –  At approx. 10:50 p.m., April 23, an AWT observed a criminal emplacing an IED, targeting a CF patrol in northeast Baghdad.  The AWT engaged the criminal with a Hellfire missile, killing him.
At approx. 11:30 p.m., 2 criminals were observed emplacing an IED in northeast Baghdad. After fleeing the scene, an AWT engaged the criminals in a building with 2 Hellfire missiles, killing both.


Prominent sheik meets with Raider cmdr., discusses future of Doura

BAGHDAD – A key figure in the community and a respected local leader for the Iraqi people living in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad, arrived at JSS Doura with a procession of local leaders and family members, April 22.
Sheik Jabouri, a Sunni leader, called for a meeting with Col. Ted Martin, the cmdr. of the 1st BCT, 4th ID, to offer his gratitude for the ongoing efforts by Iraqi SF and MND-B Soldiers to bring stability and progress to the people of the Doura and Abu T’shir beladiyas.
Jabouri spoke directly to the senior leaders gathered in the room and said that the quality of life that the people of al-Doura enjoy today is due to the hard work and the sacrifices made by both the Iraqi and American people. “Thank you for helping with all the Iraqi forces and American forces who have made this area safer,” said Jabouri, in speaking to Martin.
Ongoing projects to repair roads and recent business endeavors, such as the opening of the Al Rashid Commercial Bank in Doura, signify a much needed improvement for the local community, said Jabouri.
“It is always a good indicator of progress and, more important, things to come, when leaders bring issues to the table, look for solutions and act for the common good of their people,” said Martin. “We are committed to assisting the people of Rashid in making this community a better place in which the Iraqi people can carry on their work and build upon their futures.”
Al Jabouri personally thanked Martin, who attended the meeting as the new MND-B representative for CF ops in Rashid.  Jabouri, a figurehead in the predominately Sunni-populated Doura community, who has a reputation for standing up against terrorists and criminals, said he believes security has improved enough in the area to bring families back into the neighborhoods, regardless of their differences.
The leaders concluded the meeting with a meal and hot chai to affirm their newfound relationship and to further discuss the future of Rashid and Baghdad.


IA Forces kill nine criminals, destroy two vehicles in Hussaniyah

BAGHDAD – An IA patrol, accompanied by U.S. SF advisors, defeated elements of an armed criminal group that launched an unprovoked attack on Iraqi and U.S. forces conducting a patrol in Hussaniyah, a city north of Baghdad, April 22.
Approximately 45 minutes into the mission, gunmen attacked the patrol using small arms weapons and RPG launchers. IA and U.S. SF dismounted from their vehicles and returned fire, killing 4 of the gunmen.
Additional criminals continued their attacks, using pre-positioned IEDs, RPGs and small arms weapons to target the Iraqi and U.S. patrol.  Despite the threats, IA forces continued to engage the enemy, killing 5 more fighters and destroying 2 vehicles the gunmen used to launch their attacks.
No Iraqi or U.S. military personnel were injured during the patrol.


Gulf Region South Coast Corps of Engineers surveys reconstruction efforts in northern Basra

BASRA – The GRSC Corps of Engineers, Basra Area Office, is responsible for over 40 reconstruction sites in the city.  Site surveys are an integral part of the reconstruction process to ensure projects are completed on time to support the Iraqi infrastructure within the city.
Keith Adams, a construction representative with the Corps of Engineers, is on a 13 month tour in Basra, managing 15 projects in various parts of the city.  Adams sees his role with the Corps of Engineers as providing assistance to the people of Iraq.  He works with Iraqi construction firms and their project managers at the different sites to ensure the construction crews have the materials they need to do the most they can for the Iraqi people.


Keith Adams takes pictures of reconstruction progress at a water treatment plant in northern Basra, April 23.


The project manager on site explains to Keith Adams, that a pile driver will be used to drive steel beams into the soil to give the water treatment plant being built in Basra, a solid base.


COP Mountain construction in Mosul


Pvt. Justin Stougard and Pvt. Terrence Colsen both assigned to 8th Inf Regt, provide security for engineers involved in the construction of COP Mountain, in the Palestine neighborhood of Mosul, April 21.


An armored All Terrain Lifter from the 94th Eng. Bn, moves to secure a load of raw materials in an around-the-clock effort to construct Combat out post Mountain in the Palestine neighborhood of Mosul, April 21.-30-

Troop Scoop 4/24/2008

Troop Scoop



Posted: 24 Apr 2008 12:02 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
Building a rapport in Mosul, and adding members to Sons of Iraq in Warij.  Operation Arrow Cleanup, a joint effort with IP clears a town in Diyala.  After rehabilitation, some detainies are released to their families in a reconciliation effort.
Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 24, 2008

Building rapport in Mosul’s al-Wadah neighborhood


Sgt. Eric Lee, assigned to 8tht Inf Regt, is offered a snack by an Iraqi gentleman during a patrol, April 21.


Pvt. Justin Stougard stops to greet a young resident.Joanna34

Spc. Tracy Collins and Spc. Martin Cerrillos patrol the al-Wadah neighborhood. Cerrillos takes the time to shake hands with a young Iraqi.Joanna35

1st Lt. Michael Smith meets with a resident to discuss security and how the IA and CF can offer assistance if required.-30-

Warij residents become Sons of Iraq

BAGHDAD – One hundred and fifty residents of Warij volunteered to become SoI, April 12.
On April 20, the new SoI began guarding a stretch of the southern Baghdad community, which falls in the 2nd BCT, 3rd ID’s area of op. “It’s the only area within the brigade that has both sects operating jointly at SoI checkpoints,” said Capt. Gregory Curry, a cmdr. under 8th Cav Regt, 4th BCT, 3rd ID. “It’s the so-called ‘check and balance’ that we need to move forward with the people of Iraq seeing each other as equal and not as Sunni and Shia.”
First Lt. Dan Henry, an EO under 8th Cav Regt, said criminals have threatened business owners in the area and used Warij as an area to coordinate and execute attacks against the GoI, CF and Iraqi SF.
Curry said the Sunni and Shia SoI working together would help quell the violence that had plagued the
community.  Two sheikhs, one Sunni and one Shia, will collectively manage the Warij SoI command post and monitor checkpoints throughout the area.  Curry said the sheikhs realize they need to set aside their
differences for Warij to be a safe community.
Coalition force leaders hope the example in Warij of Sunni and Shia working together will encourage citizens who fled during the violence to move back to their homes.
“The importance of this program is that it will enhance the perception of security to where families will return to their homes and establish another multi-ethnic, multi-tribal and peaceful population center in the Spartan (2nd BCT, 3rd ID) operating environment,” said Maj. Rob Kaderavek, 6-8th Cav. Regt. EO.


Sons of Iraq in Warij stand guard at a checkpoint, April 22. The Warij SoI program is composed of both Sunni and Shia residents.


Operation Arrow Cleanup clears Diyala town


An IP officer from the Hib Hib Police Station provides security for Soldiers from the 202nd MP Co before
entering a palm grove near Hib Hib, April 23.


Sgt. Brandon Ellis, a dog handler with 1st Armored Div, and his military working dog, Edo, search for explosives and weapon caches during Op Arrow Cleanup near Hib Hib. CF worked with IP and SoI, from
the Hib Hib area in the Diyala province during the mission.Joanna39

IP officers use a metal detector to try locating buried weapon caches.-30-

MND-B Soldiers capture RPG war heads during ongoing clearing ops

BAGHDAD – The 4th Bn, 64th Armor Regt, attached to the 1st BCT, 4th ID, seized 3 anti-tank RPG launchers and 10 high-explosive RPG rounds in the Rashid district in southern Baghdad, April 21.
Soldiers from Co C, 4-64 AR, with help from their Iraqi SF counterparts discovered the weapons cache.
“Iraqi SF are good about using tips from concerned citizens and finding caches,” said Maj. Dave Olson, the 1st BCT spokesman. “The ISF and ‘Tuskers’ from 4-64 AR, and the 1st BCT, 4th ID., continue to conduct clearing ops in support of the Baghdad Security Plan to create a safe and secure environment for people
of the Rashid district and Iraq.”


122 Detainees Released as part of Reconciliation Efforts


Kirkuk Police assist a family member overcome with emotion during his brother’s release at the Kirkuk Police Academy in Iraq.  A total of 122 detainees were released April 21 during a ceremony marking the biggest release to date in this region.


A detainee hugs his children following the detainee release ceremony.Joanna42

A released detainee hugs a relative.-30-

MND-B Soldiers kill 15 criminals

BAGHDAD –  April 22, Soldiers from 4th BCT, 10th Mtn Div, witnessed a criminal emplacing an IED in northeast Baghdad, and shot and killed him.
UAV operators from 3rd BCT, 4th ID, spotted 2 individuals with a mortar tube. They loaded the weapon into a vehicle and drove off in northeastern Baghdad. The UAV fired a hellfire missile, killing 2 criminals and destroying a vehicle.
Soldiers from 1st Sqdrn, 2nd Stryker Cav Regt, attached to 3rd BCT, 4th ID, engaged and killed a criminal after coming under a small-arms fire in northeastern Baghdad.
Soldiers from 3rd BCT, 4th ID, were attacked with an IED by criminals while they were conducting a mounted patrol in eastern Baghdad. Soldiers were then attacked with RPGs.  Soldiers identified the criminals’ location and engaged them with small-arms fire, killing 6 criminals.
Soldiers from 3rd BCT, 4th ID, were attacked with RPGs in eastern Baghdad. They identified 2 separate RPG teams and retuned fire, killing 5 criminals.


Troop Scoop 4/23/2008

Troop Scoop



Posted: 23 Apr 2008 05:11 PM CDT

Dear Interested Friends,
A great sign of progress are business grants used to stimulate economic growth, and IA learns biometric database.  Weapon caches continue to be uncovered and criminals killed or captured.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 23, 2008

Grants help rebuild Iraqi street

BAGHDAD – Iraqi shop owners received grant assistance April 20, after proving the money would be put to good use renovating their businesses.
“Today we made final payments for microgrants to property owners in the Haswa area,” said Maj. Eric Kerr, 415th Civil Affairs, attached to 4th BCT, 3rd ID.  Kerr also works with the brigade’s embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). Kerr said the grants were issued to stimulate economic growth. “It’s basically an economic renaissance on that little area of Haswa.”  Kerr said the recipients got 25% of the funds up front, and after the progress of their renovations were checked, they received the remainder.
Most grants requested were from medical personnel and doctors hoping to bring back pharmaceutical shops and doctor’s offices to the community.  Other types of grants were for a law office and a carpenter’s store.


Maj. Eric Kerr watches as a local store owner signs for his microgrant.


Sgt. 1st Class Mike Nunnelee, Co C, 703rd BCT, counts out money for a microgrant April 20.


MND-C Soldiers discover weapons cache

CAMP VICTORY – Soldiers from 1st Sqdrn, 33rd Cav Regt discovered a weapons cache in Yusifiyah, April 21.  The cache included 34 RPG rounds, an AK-47 and a box of PKC rounds.


Soldiers from 1-33rd Cav. Regt. discovered a weapons cache.


INP apply pressure to enemy activity in southern Baghdad

BAGHDAD – Iraqi National Police working in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad, seized a weapons cache and detained a suspected criminal during a security patrol, April 20.
Conducting simultaneous raids at 2 different sites, 2nd NP Div. officers captured 2 heavy machine guns with 1,800 rounds, a sniper rifle and a RPG launcher, and detained a suspected criminal operating in the Risalah neighborhood of West Rashid.
The IA soldiers also detained 2 suspected criminals during an early morning op in the Saydiyah community of Rashid. “Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Iraqi SF, the Raider Bde continues to apply pressure to the enemy to provide a safe and secure environment for the Iraqi people,” said Maj. Dave Olson, the spokesman for the 1st BCT, 4th ID, and MND-B.


MND-B Soldiers capture suspected criminal

ABU GHRAIB – Elements from 1st Bn, 21st Inf, 2nd Stryker Cav Regt, “Gimlets” detained a suspected criminal in the Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad, April 22.
This suspected criminal is believed to be involved with the making of IEDs, and attacks on IA and CF. “The streets are safer with these criminals in custody, and contributes to improving security in Abu Ghraib,” said Maj. John Pendell, spokesman for 2nd SCR. “Due to its proximity to major highways and to northeastern Baghdad, security and stability in Abu Ghraib allows the economy and quality of life for local residents to improve.”


14th Iraqi Army learns biometric database

BASRA – Iraqi Soldiers learned how to operate a biometric cross-match database at their headquarters in Basra, April 17.
“The biometric cross-match database will be able to identify individuals with a criminal record through voice, fingerprints, and eye scans,” said Adnan, the senior database supervisor. “Sixteen soldiers, including officers and NCOs, are being trained to operate this equipment.”
The new biometric system will help improve the Iraqis safety and security ops in Basra. “Through this program we can – through the Ministry of Defence – verify and identify all the bad people,”  IA Lt. Mohammed said, the administrative officer in charge. “This will prevent any bad people from entering the military and help make a more secure Iraq.”


MND-N Soldiers kill six insurgents in fire fight

BAQUBAH – MND-North Soldiers killed 6 insurgents in a fire fight near a mosque in Kalaf Al-Hasun village, Diyala province, April 21.
During a cordon and search of the village, approx. 20 km southeast of Hamrin Lake, a truck loaded with several personnel carrying AK-47s and RPG launchers approached the position of 4th Pln, Troop F, 2nd Sqdrn, 3rd ARC.
The Soldiers fired a warning shot to halt the vehicle. The personnel in the truck fired on them. The Soldiers returned fire on the vehicle, and the passengers ran into nearby buildings, including a nearby mosque.  In the ensuing battle, 6 insurgents were killed. Three suspects were also detained in the incident.


Iraqi Army, Coalition forces conduct night ops in Mosul

A resident of the Somer neighborhood speaks with 1st Lt. Michael Smith about the local security situation in Mosul. Smith is assigned to 1st Bn, 8th Inf Regt.


A resident of the Somer neighborhood discusses the security situation with an Iraqi Army Lt. during a joint IA and CF night ops.-30-

Troop Scoop 4/22/2008

Troop Scoop



Posted: 22 Apr 2008 08:02 AM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
Agricultural growth goes full steam ahead, alongside clearing operations.  On some of our troops’ ops, I’ve kept the time frame, so you can have an idea of just how busy and how successful our troops are.  An IP conference takes place at Camp Fallujah fine tuning ops.  Terrorist cell leader captured as well as other criminals neutralized, and more weapon caches uncovered.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 22, 2008

Iraqi farmers association builds for future

AZ ZUBAYR – Rural Iraqi farmers here joining together for the future of farming in southeastern Iraq.  Farmers in this small rural community southwest of Basra gathered for the grand opening of a new Farmers Cooperative Association Building, April 21.
Bob Haywood, the senior economic advisor to MND-Southeast presented the association with watermelon, tomato and cucumber seeds — all crops that grow well in the region — as a gift to the Iraqi community.


MND-B Soldiers kill five criminals

BAGHDAD – In eastern Baghdad, April 21, an AWT engaged 2 criminals with RPG launchers at approx. 9 p.m.  The AWT fired a hellfire missile at the criminals, killing them both and destroying the RPG launchers.
At approx. 10 p.m., Soldiers from 3rd BCT, 4th ID, conducting a route-clearing mission were struck with an IED, and then attacked with small-arms fire by criminals in the area.  Soldiers returned fire and killed 3 criminals.
“We are not the aggressor, but we will defend ourselves and protect the Iraqi people from attacks such as these,” said Lt. Col. Steve Stover, spokesman for the 4th ID and MND-B.  “We will be relentless in our pursuit of those breaking the law. If these criminals continue to attack innocent Iraqis and CF, we will pursue them and bring them to justice. “We are building a safe neighborhood in conjunction with the Iraqi SF in order to provide immediate humanitarian alliance and restoration of the Jamilla market for the people, protecting them from those who care nothing for their welfare by conducting daily attacks causing the people to suffer.”


MND-B engage criminals, seize weapons in multiple operations

BAGHDAD – April 21, at approx. 8:40 a.m., Soldiers from 1st Bn, 66th AR were on patrol in New Baghdad when they were attacked by terrorists using small-arms fire and RPGs. The Soldiers returned fire and killed 3 criminals.
At approx. 9:45 a.m. in an area west of Baghdad, an Iraqi citizen discovered and turned in a weapons cache consisting of 42 82mm mortars, 2 120mm mortars, and 500 7.62 mm rounds to MND-B Soldiers.
An AWT observed criminals in a vehicle resupplying other criminals in New Baghdad at approximately 10:25 a.m. The AWT engaged the vehicle, and killed 2 armed criminals and destroyed the vehicle.
During a patrol in New Baghdad, Soldiers from 1-66 AR came under fire by criminal groups. An AWT was called to the scene, and engaged with a Hellfire missile at approx. 11:40 a.m., and killed both criminals and destroyed the shack they were using for concealment.
Approx. 30 minutes later, an M1A2 Abrams tank crew from 1-66 AR engaged a criminal rocket team in New Baghdad. The crew destroyed a rocket, a rocket sled and the vehicle carrying the illegal weapons.
At approx. 4:25 p.m. in Sadr City, 2 criminals attacked Soldiers from 2nd Stryker Cav Regt in an observation post with small-arms fire. The Soldiers returned fire and killed both of the criminals.
“We are establishing a safe neighborhood in southern Sadr City in order to restore stability and security to that threatened community that Special Groups cells used to fire rocket and mortar rounds from,” said Lt. Col. Steven Stover. “Using barriers has been effective in other neighborhoods, markets and roads, allowing Iraqi Security and CF to control access and the movement of illegal material, and disrupting both AQI and Special Groups criminals.  Security will lead to a return of Iraqi civilians, humanitarian assistance and, we hope, GoI-funded essential services,” Stover said.


Tip leads MND-C Soldiers to caches near Ci Ci Bar Canal

CAMP STRIKER – Acting on a tip from a citizen, Soldiers from Btry A, 3rd Bn, 320th FA, 3rd BCT, 101st Abn Div (Air Assault), located 2 weapons caches and a possible VBIED near the Ci Ci Bar Canal, April 20.
One cache, found in a spider hole, contained 22 120 mm mortar rounds, 560 artillery fuses, and 37 23 mm projectiles. The VBIED and a cache consisting of 3 IEDs were also found nearby.


Iraqi Army captures suspected insurgent cell leader

BALAD – IA Soldiers, advised by U.S. SF, detained a suspected insurgent cell leader in an op in Ta’Mim province, April 20.
The IA conducted the op to capture the suspect and disrupt the activities of an insurgent network operating in the area. The suspect is accused of conducting IED and small-arms fire attacks against Iraqi and CF.  He is also believed to be a weapons trafficker in the Hawijah area who terrorizes Iraqi citizens.   One other suspect was detained for questioning.


Coalition forces kill three criminals in precision strike

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces killed 3 criminals who were positively identified carrying weapons at a cache site in eastern Baghdad, April 20.
Soldiers from 3rd BCT, 4th ID, who were operating an UAV, engaged the criminals with a Hellfire missile, killing all 3 men.
Iranian-backed Special Groups and other criminal elements who refuse to honor the rule of law are directly responsible for the current violence in Baghdad, as well as the deaths of countless innocent civilians,” said Lt. Col. Steven Stover.


Al Anbar Iraqi Police converge on Camp Fallujah

CAMP FALLUJAH – Al Anbar Province’s IP leadership assembled aboard Camp Fallujah to discuss security oriented issues, April 19.
Brig. Gen. Richard P. Mills, cmdr, Ground Combat Element, MND-West, and his staff coordinated the Provincial Director of Police and District Chief of Police Conference.
More than 20 Iraqi police chiefs attended the conference, participating in briefs and discussions regarding a number of issues, such as supply contracting, the “Sons of Iraq” and “Daughters of Iraq” programs, highway patrol development, police intel and the size of their police force.
The event concluded with open forums regarding police ops in various regions of Anbar Province.


Brig. Gen. Richard P. Mills, cmdr, speaks with Maj. Gen. Tariq Sa’doon, cmdr, before beginning the Conference.


Col. Lewis A. Craparotta, comm. officer, RCT 1, speaks with a Provincial Security Force major.


Updated 4/23 with First Hand Report

Updated 4/25 New Developments

Updated 4/29 ‘Peace’ Thugs to get Free Legal representation

Peace Fascists, College Professors and Hillary Supporters assault Iraqi War Veteran and Family while citizens do nothing to intervene.

Edinboro, PA, Apr. 22

For the second time in as many weeks, an Iraq War Veteran and his family held a Support the Troops rally across the street from the weekly “peace” protest in this college town. This week the true nature of the ‘peace’ activists was revealed for all to see. When the veteran’s 14 year old son crossed the street to videotape the protesters and their signs, the protesters became agitated and began harassing the boy. The right to record video in any public venue is long established in law and any attempt to interfere with that right is a violation of civil rights.

Seeing the escalating tension across the street, the veteran and his wife crossed over, leaving their three youngest children on the other side for safety while they went to retrieve their eldest son. Two of the female ‘peace’ protesters then attacked the veteran’s wife. When the veteran pulled one of those attackers off his wife he was jumped by four or five of the ‘peace’ people and knocked to the ground where they held him while beating him and smashing his eyeglasses.

The son pulled the remaining attacker off his mother, but the attacker managed to get in one last kick to his mother’s head with her boot. She then punched the son in his face while his mother called the police.

This all took place at a busy intersection, the mother had been knocked into the street in bumper to bumper traffic. People were visible in the windows of shops and a bar nearby. One might think someone would intervene to put a stop to the assault. One would be wrong. In a scene eerily reminiscent of the Kitty Genovese tragedy in New York, the bystanders and passers-by refused to stand up to the ‘peace’ thugs. Displaying a craven cowardice one would not have expected in middle America they would rather go on their way thankful that it was not them being assaulted. It was NOT them, today, but what about tomorrow?

When the police arrived they reviewed the video of the incident and then, astonishingly, refused to make any arrests, even when one of the ‘peace’ thugs spit in the face of on the 14 year old boy right in front of the police and they did nothing! Officers, that is an assault! I don’t know where or how they train police in Edinboro but they obviously need some refresher courses!

One of the police was very aggressive toward the veteran and his family as if they were the attackers!

I think it is long past time for the people in this country to wake up to the violence of the ‘peace’ movement. I think it is long past time for them to realize that not standing up to the excesses of violence will only beget more violence.

Last Fourth of July, in New Jersey, one of these ‘peace’ people walked up to a young veteran of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and shot him in the heart just because he was in the military. Last month another person or persons unknown detonated an improvised explosive device at the Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square. Today a veteran and his family were assaulted in plain daylight on a public street in view of dozens of people and not one lifted a hand to help. This is not the America I grew up in. This is the Amerika the ‘peace’ crowd is bringing to your town and neighborhood.

Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

Updated 4/23/2008 After Action Report on Assault

After-Action Report Edinboro “Tuesday’s at Two” Counter-Protest:

On April 22nd several members of the Northwest Pa. Gathering of Eagles gathered in Edinboro, Pa to counter-protest an anti-war demonstration staged by some students from Edinboro University, their professors and a few unidentified and hygienically challenged others. Initially the operation was quite innocuous with a few spirited verbal exchanges between the two sides. We were positioned across the street receiving many honks and thumbs up from passersby.

Andrew, our 14-year-old son, crossed the street to videotape the “toy-soldier” displays setup by the peace crowd. These displays consisted of many small plastic soldiers glued to a child’s sled, can’t explain that one, and a footlocker with toy soldiers, middle finger pictures and a map of Iraq. Two females began harassing Andrew as they shoved signs in his face and threatened to sue him for videotaping. Carrie and I (Jason) crossed the street to ensure Andrew wasn’t hurt and to explain to the “students” that his videotaping was well within the law. The professors standing with the students goaded the entire thing on, failing to explain to the students that they were wrong and out of line. It wasn’t long before one of the peace protesters grabbed the sign out of my hand and threw it into the street. As I attempted to retrieve it she got up into my face. Carrie stepped between us so that I would not have to defend myself to a female. The girl and her sister then stepped into Carrie’s face and swung at her. I subdued one of the girls as the other girl beat Carrie down in the middle of the street, pulled her to the ground by her hair and kicked her in the head…it should be noted the aggressor was wearing boots. Carrie is still wearing her inflatable cast which makes it easy for her to lose her balance. Andrew pulled the girl off of Carrie and she was able to get up. I was on the ground holding onto the other girl until several men attacked me, holding me while one of them hit me in the head from behind. I was telling them I was only holding her so that she wouldn’t attack my wife again. I let go of her due to the punches and was eventually able to get up. During this exchange, my glasses were knocked to the ground and smashed in the street. At this time, Andrew was just videotaping when one of the two girls attacked him unprovoked landing a hard right on the side of his face. I was able to pull her back preventing any further attacks. I had to keep the two girls from attacking Carrie again as they we trying to.

We are so very proud of Andrew. He maintained a very mature and level-head throughout the entire event. He told us he had wanted to “do” more but due to his Tae Kwon Do training, he knows to do the least amount possible to defuse the situation and thus chose only to pull the girl off of his mom. Andrew is learning a lot from these people and understands what is at stake.

The Edinboro Police were called, two officers responded. One of the officers spoke with Carrie and me first, noting our side of things. The other officer was quite agitated and was very aggressive toward us. He said nothing to the members of the peace crowd as they shouted at me but when I said something back the officer bowed up on me, got in my face and threatened to arrest me. I sat down on the curb with Carrie until the questioning process was through. As I was there the one girl came back across the street as she had been directed by the police and spit directly at me, some hitting my leg. The officer ignored it and actually was angry with us for letting it bother us. He made the girl go back across the street with no threat of arrest!!! Andrew played the videotape for the officer and he made the decision that no one should be arrested. We pointed out that it was clearly visible we had not thrown the first blows and that we were clearly antagonized to do so. Also, we asked why, when it was clear a minor was blatantly assaulted, the girl who punched Andrew was not arrested. He really did not explain that one.

Jeff Kays, a fellow member of GOE who was present, went to the police station with me so that I could inquire about the assault on Andrew. The aggressive officer who had threatened to arrest me was the only one there. He was very agitated that I came there and told me that I should be arrested for hitting a girl, which I clearly did not do. After asking why the girl wasn’t arrested he busted out of the door, got into my face and said that I was pushing it and that I had better stop or he was cuffing me. I asked the officer if I could leave, so as not to disrespect him, and he said yes. I left the station. Jeff stayed behind and spoke with the officer. Jeff said that he sat down in a chair so as to demonstrate compliance and asked the officer a few questions. The officer then relaxed a little and told Jeff that the video will have to be reviewed and the DA consulted before a decision would be made how to proceed. Now, wasn’t that easy?

While we are all a little sore, we are in pretty good spirits. We are seeking legal representation and will report back soon as to the progress of the case. Carrie has retrieved the video from the police station and is working on getting it posted. The police told her today that this is “simple assault” which does not warrant anyone being arrested. He explained a weapon would have had to been present to warrant aggravated assault or the intent to seriously harm or kill…even on a minor. He explained that they could have crossed the street, punched my 7-year-old and not have been arrested! Carrie then asked, “isn’t a kick to the head an attempt to seriously harm”, he replied that he did not see that so it doesn’t matter. Carrie told him that our daughter Anna saw the kick but he said that was not admissible evidence. Our video clearly depicts the kick. You can see the girls boot fly up into the screen over where Carrie was lying. It should be noted there was an individual on their side that was videotaping. The police did not confiscate her video, which is somewhat curious. She did tell the police that she had videotaped the entire event. I wonder if she will come forward with her video due to the fact that it clearly will not make things any better for them.

Updated 4/23/2008 New Developments

First Item. Release of the video will be delayed probably until after the weekend. Fox has asked for an exclusive on the story and it looks like they will be the first to air it. It may be worthwhile to watch Bill O’Reilly’s show on Tuesday.

Second Item. The second video has been obtained by the local police and I understand that it appears to prove out my speculation that from the second angle the actions of the ‘peace’ thugs are more visible. We sort of talked about the good cop/bad cop scenario of the two officers responding. It turns out the bad cop knew of that recording but kept it to himself. When the good cop discovered it by reviewing the original video he sought out the other and retrieved a copy as evidence.

Third Item. At least four of the individuals have been identified. I will not post names, but two of the men are assistant professors at Edinboro University. In addition the two sisters have been identified. That would be the woman in white and the woman in green.

Fourth Item. I had a long discussion with the Borough Manager today and am convinced that he will see that the law is enforced objectively. There will be a meeting Monday with the District Attorney and the Chief of Police where the video evidence will be reviewed.

Updated 4/29/2008 ‘Peace’ Thugs to get FREE legal representation

The ‘peace’ thugs of northwestern Pennsylvania have been alleged to be encouraged and emboldened by recent statements by former VVAW, now VFP honco, Sandy Kelson.  Our folks on the ground relay the following:

“By the way, we were put on notice on Sat. while we were standing out in Meadville that word is that the recruiters and people standing in support of the troops in the area are “fair game because the attackers will be given free representation for any altercations that may occur…” , more than likely Sandy Kelson (VFP) will be representing them.  We have always known to watch our back, but this is the 1st time we were told that the “peace thugs” would have free representation.  Nice, huh?!!!”

No, Not nice, Just another bit of evidence as to their ‘thug’ status.

Troop Scoop 4/21/2008

Troop Scoop



Posted: 21 Apr 2008 04:29 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
Many on-going big Operations throughout Baghdad.  By neutralizing the criminals, Iraq has a chance for a stable democracy, something our troops have been working so hard out, and succeeding.  Large weapon caches continue to be uncovered, by tips from local citizens.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 21, 2008

Iraqi Army discover weapons cache in vehicle

BASRA – IA soldiers discovered a weapons cache in 2 vehicles during Op Charge of the Knights in the Al-Quibla district of Basra,  April 19.
Acting on a tip from an Iraqi citizen, the IA soldiers found ordnance in the vehicles, including RPG rounds with launcher, an EFP device, various sized mortars, a homemade .50 caliber rifle with standard and armor piercing rounds, plastic explosives, electronic trigger devices, and a large amount of small arms ammo.
“The continued success of Op Charge of the Knights is due in part by the local Iraqis providing numerous tips to the IA on where these weapons are stored,” said Lt. Col. Neil Harper, deputy public affairs officer for MNC-Iraq. “The citizens of Iraq are protecting their own communities, working with the Iraqi Security and CF; they are taking greater responsibility for their own lives and their communities.”
Since Op Charge of the Knights began, the IA has discovered 13 weapons caches and detained 13 criminals. They also discovered more than 240 artillery and mortar rounds ranging in size from 60mm to 155mm; EFPs; more than 40 RPG rounds with launchers; and numerous rockets and IED making materials. Some of these weapons had Iranian markings.


IA soldiers discover large cache with Iranian-marked weapons during Op Charge of the Knights

BASRA – The IA discovered a large weapons and munitions cache in a house located in the Al Hyyaniyah area of Basra, April 19, including a 240 mm high-explosive war-head and approx. 160 mortars, some of which were less than 12 months old. The cache also contained approx. 25 artillery shells, more than 20 complete IEDs, large quantities of IED components, several EFPs and dozens of grenades and fuses.  Also included were more than 20 blocks of plastic explosives, homemade anti-personnel mines packed with ball bearings, hundreds of meters of detonation cord, improvised rocket launching rails, and thousands of rounds of small-arms ammo.
“The success in finding these large caches was also due in part by numerous tips from concerned local Iraqis. This is another great example of Iraqis dealing with their own issues, and they should be admired for their bravery,” said Lt. Col. Neil Harper.


Special Group criminals continue attacks against Iraqi people and U.S. Soldiers

BAGHDAD – MND-Baghdad Soldiers remain committed to supporting the people of Baghdad and the Iraqi SF until a time when they can take over security ops throughout Baghdad against AQI and Special Group Criminals.
At 3:30 p.m. on April 20, a CF observation post in Sadr City was fired upon by 3 SG criminals and U.S. Soldiers returned fire killing 1 and wounding the other 2.
At 4: 45 p.m., following a rocket attack, a UAV positively identified 5 SG criminals with rocket rails in Sadr City.  Two criminals proceeded into a vehicle after loading it with the rocket rails. The other 3 individuals separated and went in other directions.  The UAV followed the vehicle with the 2 criminals and rocket rails to a house.  As the criminals were unloading the rails into the building, they were engaged by the UAV with a Hellfire missile, destroying the vehicle, rockets rails, and killing the 2 criminals.
Later, at approx. 4:50 p.m., a UAV positively identified 2 SG criminals loading a car with rockets and rocket rails in Sadr City.  After following the vehicle in order to obtain a clear shot, the UAV fired a Hellfire missile, destroying the sedan, 6 rockets and rails, and killing the 2 criminals.
“It is the Iranian-supported Special Group criminals who are the primary reason the people of Baghdad are suffering,” said Col. Allen Batschelet, Chief of Staff, MND-B. “They are responsible for the rocket and mortar attacks that led to Iraqi Security and CF Soldiers going into the southern neighborhoods of Sadr City.  They are responsible for continued IED attacks and firefights that are causing innocent civilian deaths.”


Resident’s tip leads to weapons cache

BAGHDAD – A tip from a local citizen resulted in a weapons cache find near the Abu Eid Bridge, April 18.
The tip led Soldiers from 187th Inf Regt, 3rd BCT, 101st Abn Div (Air Assault), to the cache, which had been buried 6 inches in the ground.  It contained 33 82 mm mortars, 5 57 mm folding-fin rockets, 2 62 mm mortars, an RPG launcher and 3 bags of rocket propellant.


MND-B Soldiers find C4 explosives

BAGHDAD – MND-Baghdad Soldiers discovered a substantial explosives cache in southern Baghdad, April 20.
Soldiers from 1st BCT, 4th ID, found 14 blocks of high explosives in the Zubaida area of the Rashid district in southern Baghdad.


IA, Rakkasans find cache during combat patrol

BAGHDAD – IA and Rakkasan Soldiers found a weapons cache during a combat patrol in Hakara, April 19, after receiving a tip from a local citizen. The cache contained 239 23 mm anti-armor rounds, 2 62 mm illumination rounds, 2 DSHKA machine guns, 1 DSHKA receiver and rocket launcher.


MND-B Soldiers kill 12 criminals

BAGHDAD – MND-Baghdad Soldiers killed 12 criminals and detained 3 in separate events in Baghdad, April 20.
At 6:40 a.m., MND-B Soldiers with the 1st Bn, 21st Inf. Regt witnessed 5 individuals emplacing an IED in the Adhamiyah district, engaged them as they were emplacing the IED. It detonated during the engagement killing 3 and wounding 1.
Also in Adhamiyah at approximately 8 a.m., the 1st Bn, 21st Inf. Soldiers engaged and killed 7 criminals carrying 3 PKC machine guns, 3 AK-47s and a RPG launcher.  A Stryker element supporting the mission killed 2 more criminals carrying AK-47s on a nearby rooftop.
In another incident, Soldiers with the 7th Sqdrn, 10th Cav Regt detained 2 men in possession of various illegal weapons and bomb making material at approx. 4 a.m. in the East Rashid district in southern Baghdad.


Iraqi SF secure Suq Ash Shuyukh after militia attack

BALAD – A combined force of more than 300 IA, IP and Iraqi SWAT personnel, advised by U.S. SOF, killed 40 criminal militia members after coming under attack in Suq Ash Shuyukh, southeast of Nasiriyah, April 19.
They were killed during the armed confrontation with ISF, including the group’s top 2 leaders.
Using assault rifles and automatic weapons, the criminal militia attacked Iraqi SF on the morning of April 19.  Regional police and Army forces on alert in the area responded in force, overwhelming the outnumbered criminal militia fighters.  Facing a combination of armored vehicles and suppressive fire, the criminals retreated to a building that contained the local Sadr Trend office.  With ISWAT providing support, additional lSF launched a counter attack, overrunning the remaining enemy defenses. The ISF entered the building and cleared it of the remaining criminals.
During the sweep of the building, ISF found a large weapons cache containing EFPs, Katyusha rockets, RPG launchers and a large quantity of additional weapons and ammo.  An explosive ordnance disposal team also found several IEDs rigged to explode inside the building.
Many local Iraqis witnessed the fighting and thanked the ISF for their bravery and willingness to defend their town. “The response of the combined ISF force represented an incredible leap forward by IP and IA to conduct joint ops,” said a U.S. SOF advisor. “IP and IA executed a counter attack against a determined enemy and quickly gained control of the situation.”
The op was part of the Iraqi govt’s continuing fight against terrorists, insurgents and criminals standing in the way of a safe and secure Iraq. In recent months, ISF personnel have assumed greater autonomy to plan and conduct these types of ops unilaterally or with CF.
Info indicated the criminal group used the city as part of its smuggling network to move IEDs, including armor-piercing EFPs, throughout the region.